Saturday, 12 January 2013


With the rate of unemployment in the West Africa, most people would choose to say, Nonsense and hire themselves. Every year unemployment losses hope of declining, industries fight against each other, companies are afraid of hiring people, yet University graduate lots of people increasing the job seekers in the labor market. Being unemployed is something I don’t wish for a graduate, because it will take your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.
Most successful business we see around started off in a down economy, majority of them took their fate into their own hands and turned what they know into the big business enterprise we have in the world, do you know why I hire myself. Is because I sat down to reflect on my childhood fantasies and I recollected saying I will not work for somebody, then I found myself in the corporate world, been used like the slaves. I have not other option than to look back and take my decision, I left the cooperate world and constantly worked for me.
If you can’t get a full time employment or you are unemployed at all, while waste your time sitting idea. Think of the bankable skills that you have an exploit them to your money making advantage.  Your are independable responsible for you money and how you spend it Why should you wait for someone to determine your fate? That’s why I choose to say I Hired Me!! 

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