Tuesday, 29 May 2012

THE BOOK.....MY BOOK. Tells me my road to my destination

…..like I said earlier, time do some finishing touches to my research paper. I started this research last year but on a slow pace. My chapter one was something I did more five to six times before it was approved then I moved to chapter two which took me like a month and half before it was approved and so the rest of the chapters. Getting the literature to use was a bit problem for me because I need to use journals and the bad internet access that I have here coupled with my school work. But hey it is not an excuse because others I believed did same thing. Although there are differences. My supervisor was extremely serious I mean he wants the best from us, from me.

 I did a lot of corrections upon corrections, sometimes I need to start the work all over again, I fall sick, I print and get it rejected plus the money involved. I had moments of regrets and fear that my work is not good enough even I had difficulties getting a company of my case study.

But at long last I had the work done. Finished and binded. Then I tapped myself and said I have done it.

I had to put this done because, I sat down after I have submitted my work. I was just reflecting on the whole thing when I picked the copy of the research I did. I said, if not because it was a school requirement for our graduation, one could have quit this research or if there was to be an alternative am sure many would have gone for it. As I was still reflecting this trucked me. (am sure this is what people pass through in life when they are taking a bold step and they quit on the way). Yeah majority of us would want to make things happen, things that has never been done before, but discouragement, fear of losing, financial constraints has held us back or make us drop out but listen….

Sometimes the road we are passing through might seem so difficult but don’t worry it’s only making you stronger because you learn what others have not learnt and you outsmart then on the runway. Look at this, so many corrections on my research work has made me to know how to surf on internet, how to do proper literature review, how to use sources for my work and when to recognize them. others might not know much of what I know or might even know more than I do but we are all learning. I am learning…

It might seem so rough and stable but it will soon come to any end when majority of my course mates and classmates are on their questionnaires I was on my chapter two, as in my first attempt of my chapter two, some even scare me that I might not even graduate cos my research work will delay me. But at that moment, it seems am a little behind, I knew I will get there. When the deadline approached, everyone is almost finishing up but I was still doing my work. I was not even close to the finishing line. YET I completed.

It doesn’t matter what pain and cost you put in today, what matters is what investment you are making and what you will reap out of it. I sit behind my research work and I smile that this little oluchi of 1980’s can write book…lol,   it just the beginning.

Life is not so easy, but if you want to get the best, you must work for it and earn itI can boast that this is my sweat, no one helped me. I did it myself, if I get an A or a B, I know yes this is where my capabilities stands then I can create room for improvement.

But it doesn’t matter if you are best of all in this race, what matters is how well you have put in, how well you have learnt and how well you will improve upon…

During those moments of my research work I did the very best of my capabilities and it get rejected by my supervisor. I sit back I do the corrections and I say wow!!! I didn’t know that I can do it better…don’t be afraid of being rejected, it is the only way you can do your best.

.....and that is my final work. finished, binded and submitted. the book

Thursday, 10 May 2012


……and after the whole examination wahala, we came together and decided that we should just go out together and eat before our journey cont…

I went for can coke…

Love this group pic

…and my babes.
…then had to call it day blown off, well done #1 completed.
#2 we had a long essay to complete and submit. Sure we will do this again…