Thursday, 26 July 2012

Hmmm!!! what do you think??

Another afternoon to be remembered. Hello everyone, hope your day is going smoothly. I have been in the office for more than 3 hours now doing nothing other than surfing on the internet and browsing through my phone. I would have said today is quite boring but I won’t because the previous days was so hectic for me. For the past three days I have been so busy, working, chasing document here and there form one shipping company to another, banks to banks, clients to clients then back to the office to do some documentations and sends some letters, until yesterday I had gone to a bank to make some transation which took my like 1 hour, from there moved to a shipping company to raise a draft which took me for like three whole hours to obtain, Gosh!! I went through hell. I had to stand of course sitting down is kind of telling myself that I don’t want to go. So I had to stand on my heel for three hours waiting for the woman behind the counter to attend to me and until she had attended to me was when I knew I had a problem with walking. God!!! My left leg hurts!!!! I then knew that I did rest my weight on that leg. I managed to get a cab to my office then immediately took my shoes off to let air pass through and get some relive from the pain too……and I prayed to God that tomorrow should not be like today…and that was it.
Today being 26th of July became a boring but resting day for the three days work and walk-about that I did. A client who usually comes to my company came in today. Unfortunately, my boss is not around I guessed he knew. From my office through the glass door, I could see a tall man who walked passed and knocked at the next door which was locked. Then is murmured, turned and left, as he was leaving I heard him asked my co-workers where is Oluchi, then I heard my name and came out from my office....
Good Afternoon Sir, please come inside, I didn’t know you were looking for me. Please have a sit. I said.
He sat down and then to business. After our discussion, I asked him to give me some few minutes to run a photocopy of the document I want to hand over to him…then I stepped out of my office to run the photocopy with the photocopying machine in the hall of my office….my co-employees begin to complain to me ….hey Oluchi tell that man that came in to greet next time when he comes in, if not we won’t mind him. How can he come to a big company like this and walk passed us without greeting until he finds the door locked then he came by asking where is Oluchi?...
Well is sounds funny to me. lolzz I know is the man’s fault anyways because he is supposed to greet when he enters into any place for that matter. But getting offended at a client for a mere forgetfulness of greeting is what bordered me… As an HR expert it is a very difficult thing to handle people with different characters, attitude esp when they are coming from different backgrounds and cultures. I said this because I tried to handle their emotions by telling them he is a client, learn the people skills and neglect his faults but one the complaint said NO… IT IS A TRADITION TO GREET…I said in my head OMG!!! This is business environment boy!!!....lolzz .. In my opinion, we don’t bring tradition to this, I did say if it hurts you jovially you can call the client yourself and correct him but politely not to scare him away because of one time mistake. As I was taught is school in the business world, we try to impress the client for them to patronage us even when they spit on our face we clean it and wear a smile *** is a pleasure*** hahahah…what do you guys think???
Have a safe day today

Friday, 20 July 2012

life is not an easy journey but we embark on it anyway....

My hustle for life begun since JUNE 18th 2012. I must say it is not an easy task. Now I feel for parents, guardians and sponsors, I’av now known the pain in their hearts and faces when things don’t go right as they thought it would go. Life is not as simple as we thought though but is a fight we all must take part in.
Here is the recap of my journey so far…I returned to Nigeria on the 4th of june,2012 as usual I needed rest from that hectic and brain ache exercise that I completed (project work) but then i made heisted  to start work as i was eager to gain experience on my field and make money too. Though family was a bit shaggy with things fallen apart which we are trying to put in place, peace, health financial stability were all on scarce  and I was hoping to bring some joy and light in the family.
Perhaps my internship can help and yes it does but I am making a lot of sacrifices. Making money real money is not a day’s job, not an easy thing oooo cos you need to tighten your belt , save more and spend less but then am doing it. #CHECK
However that hasn’t made my problem lessened but the fact that I had to be proactive at work place is another challenge to me. I would had called it a problem but I will not instead it is a challenge…..that I will explain some other time on this blog STAY TUNED.
In order to keep your job and raise your pay esp for the soon become graduates in this country, you must go an extra mile and that’s what am doing on my job. Proactive. I had to think outside the box to make things easier than before, bring in more ideals esp.-where it is a new company starting it big with bigger clients and bigger job on a first step. As a fresh graduate I need to come out with smooth system to help run activities in the organization and now this is where my thinking faculty has to be at work.
Of course I thought after school we did have to rest on our work, just come to work, put on the work ethics and begin moving on the job like a robot but it is another exam room all together. And just as we struggle to pass in the four walls of the classroom so do we have to struggle to make it in the organization we find ourselves in. my dear readers it is not easy…but if you have tips feel free to provide for me.  Right now am on it. #WORK-IN-PROGRESS. As if that is all…
I had to put a balance between my work-life, family, friends, acquaintances and relations. No matter how busy you were you need to make sure we are in touch with our loved ones. Just as am doing it right now keeping in touch the ones I loved so much and they love me that’s why they always find time to read what ii have to say on my blog. #CHECK
The worst part of the life is the point of decision making. That is very critical cos it can shape you to good or to bad and at every point in time that decision must be made. Every day of our lives. As a lady at every point in time, you have to make that decision ….that long life decision. You all know what am talking about….
I  had to reflex on my past, how I grew up and got up to this point. What my parent went through though starting from their spinsterhood and bachelorhood  to couples and raising of the children till now and age is chasing and almost near, the fear ,the joy,  the anticipations, disappointment and faith all these and I ask myself what was I doing when all these thoughts were wondering on their minds. Probably I was not born then or I was busy chasing milk, biscuits, zoo, amusement parks, holidays, Xmas,  Easter cloths and shoes. Now it is my turn to make decisions and choices. Thinking for the right thing is now becoming a problem …. Funny enough whenever things don’t go right as I wished I always wish God would turn back the hand of the clock to when I was 7 or 8 so that I can be provided at a snap of the finger.
Life is not easy but it is if we do well by love, fighting, pray and faith in God. It is worth living for but not worth dying for…think about this!!!

Thursday, 12 July 2012

P-Sq's mom is dead..

It was reported that Mrs Okoye was sick and even was flown to India for treatment. Though the nature of the sickness i do not know but was known to me that she died on wednesday....My condolence to Peter and Paul Okoye and to the rest of the family.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Nigerian Doctors seeks for greener pasture in foreign countries.

Oh yeah!!!! during the induction ceremony of foreign medical Institutions and Igbinedion University Okada,  the National Chairman, Association of Public Health Practitioners of Nigeria, Dr Obehi Okoji said Nigeria is one of the highest exporters of health workers, doctors and nurses with about 4,000 to the United States of America. although it was revealed that over 20, 000 medical personnel from Nigeria have migrated to foreign countries to seek greener pastures and better working conditions.

The question is what about those who don't have means to leave the country, would they die?....the main issue is our health..nigerians health is not worth playing with. goverment do something.

Dating for long...A walkin or walkout.

Even after long dating...they still got married...not just them but also the CEO of Facebook.
Tu-Face Idiba reveled his marriage inspirations in Ghana. culled from joyFm
“I listened to my song, ‘Next year I will love to marry’ ... and I’m like look this next year I want to marry and that’s the person (Annie Macaulay). It just happened like that on Valentine’s Day I just called her ‘hey lets hang out’,” he said.

The Implications star proposed to Annie, the mother of his daughter, Isabella Idibia, on Valentine’s Day, February 14 this year after 13 years dating.

The choice of date he said “was just spontaneous; I didn’t plan anything but I just knew that this is the person,” and he proposed to her.

My point in this is that as long as both heart sticks together, understand each other and are willing and determined they can make it to the end and to the alter. Some people disagree with dating for a long time well they have their reasons but whatsoever be the case i think is worth it never can tell what kept them that long to make it to the alter.they married afterall....but for me i won't wait for that long except we started that early like 15,16,17,18..lolzz i would wait for 13year but not when we started at 23..... what????? i no fit old oooo ( laughing) 

Corpers will still be posted to boko Haram targets

Corpers will be posted to troubled states for National Yoth Service Corps (NYSC) said the minister of youth developemnt Alhaji Inuwa Abdulkadir. but his reason was that the constitution must first be changed because NYSC is a consititutional issues. therefore if there is going to be a change on NYSC, the constitution should also be changed. in his own words "My position is that of the law". He said this at press conference Abuja yesterday. 10th July,2012.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012


Hello everyone,
Hope your day is going well with you, mine is doing well with me but that is after i had resolved an issue with my boyfriend. let me push that aside.

I got to work this morning and i felt so cold when i heard what my co-worker was complaining about her relationship with her partner. oh yes! i felt that way because i knew what i'av done or said to my boyfriend last night and not untill this morning that i heard from him. anyways mine was different though....but i did realise we (couples) lol am not married ooo but am saying those of us in a relationship should better understand and be empathetic to our partners
Findings suggest that effort, positively impacts relationships.
These are ways to do it....
Listen for emotional messages The emotional message isn't the same as the words that your partner is saying. Your partner may be criticizing you for not spending enough time together, but the emotional message may actually be, "I miss you and I'm afraid I'm not important to you."
Push the pause button on your own emotions When your partner is expressing something critical, it's easy to respond defensively. Before reacting, take a deep breath and try to slow down your own emotional response so you can hear the emotion behind the criticism.
Reflect back your partner's emotional plea Instead of coming back defensively with, "What are you talking about? We just went on a walk yesterday, and we went to dinner last weekend!" respond to your partner's emotional plea by saying something like, "You really miss me and want to spend more time together. Thanks for letting me know. I love you."
Even if you read the emotional message inaccurately, your effort to understand your partner's emotions will pay off!

Hope we practice this often and it did work for us...Stay happy always!!!

Monday, 9 July 2012

Justin Beiber Hits the MuchMusic Award with his baby brother.

Jaxon Bieber, Justin Bieber

They look so cute. two brothers Justin Beiber and his two year old baby brother Jaxon spotted at  the MuchMusic Video Award on Sunday Night.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012


The collapsed building

A pregnant woman, 9 month old baby and some children were rescued from the collapsed building at No 29, Freeman Street, Ebute Meta, Lagos on Monday.
Is there no way to carry out examination on all the buildings in lagos state to find out which one is weak and have a solution to this building collapsing…this is awkward after all that the government has done to make sure this never happens in Lagos state.

Ghanaians Govt wants Nigerians to employ 10 of their citizen....


  The Nigerian’s in Ghana are lamenting that Ghanaians’ government is chasing them out of the country and when I read through the statement made by most of them….well I see this or it see it as a business deal. Of course we are in a business world. We need to survive and every Nigerians knows that not even a child is exempted. Therefore if Ghanaians are not making it in one way they must seek alternative which is what they have done by the government filing out a policy that every business operating in Ghana by Nigerians should pay $300,000 and employ at least 10 Ghanaian citizen. Don’t you get it?
It simply means to me that it is a nationwide business deal to Nigerians…it is said you want to do business in Ghana or operate as an enterprise in Ghana. Simply deposit a $300,000 and employ at least 10 of our citizens ( cos we can’t innovate, develop and are hungry) or ( cos we want to go on a deal with you or Nigerian government are business to help develop our country)…well am saying this because, I believe their other foreigners in that country (Ghana). And looking at the Ghanaians economy, Nigerians are really boosting it.
My questions are just two:  why are other foreigners doing business in Ghana not billed also and chased out also?
Secondly, why should it be all business irrespective of it’s size and growth?
Below was culled from Vanguard..
The Nigerian traders said their shops were closed because they were said not to comply with the government policy which requires them to have an initial capital of $300,000 and employ 10 Ghanaians before they can start any business in Ghana regardless of the size of the business.
One of the affected Nigerians, Mr Ndukaku Mbanefo, who spoke to Vanguard on phone from Ghana said the Ghanaian authorities started closing shops belonging to Nigerians yesterday in Accra, the Ghanaian capital and vowed that the operation will be nationwide.
According to him, “the authorities in Ghana yesterday closed more than 40 shops belonging to Nigerians and they are still closing more. They closed our shops because they said we did not comply with the government policy that requires every foreigner who wants to start business in Ghana to have an initial capital of $300, 000 and must employ 10 Ghanaians to work with him regardless of the size of the business. Even if it is just a small restaurant or a barber shop you must employ 10 Ghanaians and show evidence that you have $300,000 before you can start.
Ghanaian authorities have been embarking on hostile business practices against Nigerians who are predominantly in real estate, textile and garments, electronics, banking and telecommunication and tourism. The Ghanaian government had imposed high tariff on Nigerian movies and restricted Nigerian actors from shooting films in Ghana. Nigeria’s telecommunication giant, Globacom was caught up with the high cost of doing business which caused it to delay some crucial aspects of its operations last year. The presidential candidate of Labour Party Otunba Dele Momodu, said the attitude of Ghanaian government is a flagrant violation of the ECOWAS protocol and that the Nigerians who are doing business in Ghana hold the key to Ghana’s economic revival. He said Nigeria must stand up to the  maltreatment of Nigerian in Ghana because Nigeria has been too good to their West African neighbour.