Friday, 13 April 2012


John Dumelo New

After reading the statement of my most handsome ghanian actor John Dumelo who said and I quote from
Ghana WEB he said “ sometimes we doit too much but sometimes it is very relevant for that particular story”, “the American when it comes to love story, they really do it well,  they show the kid of chemisry between the two character so that is what we are trying to do”.
And I ask…do bollywood also do show that kind of chemistry in the most love story movies. If yes how? Under the blanket, half naked with every body part*private parts* shown…or are they trying to say they don’t have romance in their culture….if yes how come they reproduce?
I rest my case here…..
Pleaase lets protect our culture and be yourself..we are Africans not Americans.


Whitney Houston's daughter, Bobbi Kristina, was allegedly caught smoking marijuana in a newly-released video.

Could this be true??? Bobby Kristina ( Whitney Houston daughter) caught using drugs on camera…(marijuana).
I don’t  want to believe this… please lets learn from the mistakes of our elders and correct them not to imitate, fashion or advance their as if am not part…pls oooooo not with drugs. but am changing hahahaha.
stay healthy always


Among smokers, people who prefer mentholated cigarettes tend to have more strokes than non-menthol smokers, according to a study

Smoking is dangerous to health but from what I read on fox  news… people who are addicted to metholated cigarrettes then to have more strokes than those who are not. Do we even have some in Nigeria and Ghana…Naaa.. let me say here in Africa…lolzzz. I don’t know cause I don’t smoke.
Stay health always


You can’t tell a book from  it’s cover, yeah I got to realize that just recently. Three years ago, I was just frustrated that I couldn’t get admission into the univrsity. Each time I try an exam such as Jamb, it has always been one problem or the other, if not cancellation of my center, then It could be that am not up to the cut-off point, or then I made it but behold….the university exam. Yeah!!! This exam was to make sure that the students are eligible to get into that institution and study somehow is also called screening…oh in that screening test.  The test result could get me to  a course that I have never heard off. With all prayers and fasting and so many promises to God. Eventually, I was flown to Ghana to study Business Administration.
To cut my story short, I have always dreamed of going to university…then I thought I would be the end of the journey, but lolzzz…..the journey has just begun.
I see the university to be a place to learn, yeah!! But fun too…Ooooo kay…actually it was.. but things got tougher as I moved on. At every point I see new things, knowleage, capacity and adventure…but the surprising thing is how difficult it was to get what you want. WHAT DO I WANT? Knowleage, confidence, network, innovation, power etc.
Outside the university are the young girls and boys dressing in a stylish manner making life in the university look so simple. But is not. That’s why I say “YOU CAN’T TELL A BOOK FROM  IT’S COVER”. There could be both neat and worn out pages in it. Just like the university, the fun side of it and the studious side of it. They could contain the victories and defect in some courses, happiness and saddness in the finacial aspect. And some could tell those who are heroes  and those that are not.
I am amused by my entire life in the university, am about to graduate and hoping to be graduated. A seeker of adventures and hoping to contibute in the real world. My greatest joy is my experience during my interships at these two organizations “ANCHOR INSURANCE COMPANY” and “ POWER CONTRACT LOGISTICS” both in Nigeria.  And  also the ability to mix with other foreign student such as the Ghanians, cote d’ ivore, togolise students.
I will be honest I just love one leacturer who indirectly has impacted so much knowleage in me. As my mentor he has taught me to be perfect, current with up to date event s around me and my economy and to be optimistic. I will say that so far* am sorry  if it hurt*, if students spend time around him just for two weeks I think is enough for them to get the first degree and pursue for the second.
My world is my life and I spend so much time to tell  it’s stories therein. University/ undergraduate  education/ frist degree is just a mere certificate and a passing lane. But my knowleage , the knowleage  I get from it is what am PROUD OF….
THANK YOU GOD FOR SUCH AN OPPORTUNITY TO EXPLORE, thanks to all my friends who helped me on the way, thanks to my parents, uncles and auties for their support finacially, spiritually and acdamically.
And to some of us out there…..PLEASE BE FOCUS in whatever you are doing.

Monday, 9 April 2012


                                                           HAPPY EASTER TO YOU ALL
we all know what Easter means to us. A remembrance of the death of our lord Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary..... his death has wiped away all our sins, if we believe in him and has set us free from the bondage of sin.

May the Resurrection of our lord Jesus Christ bring us Peace, Joy, Blessings,Good tiding all rounds in our lives.
if we believe we are set free from the shackles and captives of any negative things in our lives

Move on and have fun all the way cos the blessings and freedom from our lord JESUS CHRIST is sure all the way.
                                  WE ARE VICTORIOUS because JESUS conquers death......