Friday, 29 June 2012


A few women are blessed with the intelligence, the education, the connections and good fortune to have a wide range of opportunity to live “self-actualized” lives whiles others are not. Life is a series of choices you make between options in order to move forward in the pursuit of your "dreams" but your dreams don't trump anyone else's and the sooner everyone realizes that, the closer we all be to understanding what "having it all" actually means and the easier it will be to achieve that. One person can't achieve the highest peaks without either stepping on someone else or getting a boost. But my question now is “do women really have it all?”

 I got this from Washington post.... “Anne-Marie Slaughter, the first woman to be director of policy planning at the State Department and the mother of two teenage boys, dared to say that many modern-day women trying to balance a demanding career and raise a family can’t do it all – at least not well”. “When people asked why I had left government, I explained that I’d come home not only because of Princeton’s rules (after two years of leave, you lose your tenure), but also because of my desire to be with my family and my conclusion that juggling high-level government work with the needs of two teenage boys was not possible,” Slaughter wrote.
I hope to have a successful professional ladder and am sure all of us ‘singles’ wants too so is it really possible is my question?


As a little girl she was beautiful. Apart from being beautiful she is alos crazy and talented.

so innocent..isn't she?




what could this signify?


 I Love this...

why am i posting this..simply because am appreciating the beauty her your beauty rock Rihanna!!! your beauty rocks


A 22 year old Nigerian Student comes out as the first black student to get 3.98 grade point in John Hopkin University,NYC, US. his name is Emmanuel from Arochukwu Abia State

And now another Nigerian student graduates from Eastern Meditrranean University with  a CGPA of 4.0. Tunji Anthony Olu-Taiwo hails from Ifako-Ijaiye Local government area of Lagos state.

Hmmm Nigerians are making us proud oooo..atleast let some parents wey dey think say pikin sent to oyibo land  useless no say na lie they talk ooooo

Soon i go emerge first Nigerian to reach 4.0 CGPA from AMEN TO THAT NOW!!!

Thursday, 28 June 2012

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......with God nothing is impossible. 


beyonce knowles with no nose and eyebrows. hahahahahaha people are serious ooo i got this pic from the net.


No one likes to wait....our is impatient society. we all expect to have what we want when we want it, and heaven help the one who gets in our way. we get upset when we miss the green light and can't stand to wait in line at the bank. we fume when doctors keeps us waiting and complain when preacher talks too long.

But we forget that waiting is part of life and our daily routine. just like Larry Stockstill said " no matter how restless you are, it takes nine months for a baby to be ready to be born, four or seven years depending on your course to graduate, 365 days for christmas to come again". thats just the way it is.

Therefore lets cultivate that habit of "PATIENCE" some Nigerians it is seen as a dirty word, could be attributed by some people as LAZINESS.. but is not. whoever that plants waits for harvest you know. this is part of life so lets live by it....

Even in our christain life, we ought to wait for God's time to come for his blessings be bestowed on us. As we are waiting by going about doing other things such as business, eating etc. God will bring our blessings in no time. we can't bypass this waiting process, thats why those who bypassess don't end up well. therefore lets encourage ourselves by waiting patiently.....



This is a boko haram groupie. A leader for that matter. He is said to be "fearless" from yobe state and around the age 30's or 40's. but it was said that he is dead only to reappear on internet videos as boko haram leader.
Such a good looking man, who could have done some tangible thing for the society, comunity or for the family not bombing. he is also the mastermind behind the bombing of UN office complex in Abuja.
Today nigeria has become one of the African's fearful nation as it emerges number 6 on the list.

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Abominable Act.

In Zimbabwe a man had wanted to have sexual affair with his mother in law….can you believe this? MOTHER-IN-LAW okay maybe he is not satisfied with her daughter…lol am just guessing but I think so.
Therefore he decided to almost rape her. He kissed her, fondled her and attempted to lick her private part…wonders hall never end.
I got this from  Zimbabwe news A 28-year-old Gwabalanda man, Tendai Shoko demanded sex from his mother in law as compensation for rejecting his love proposal before kissing and attempted to lick her private parts”.
I heard the court is handling the case now….

Tuesday, 26 June 2012


hello everyone,
I know too many people have read or heard about Chris okotie marriage divorce and honestly speaking it is worth alarming. As I posted earlier on on this blog the bible quotations concerning marriage’s. I  also had to analyzed in some research I have done and come out with some reasons why people stay single or divorce after getting married let me say this in advance I am still single and hoping to marry so this apply to each and every person out there who is not married and wants to be. But, let’s be real some of it does apply to the married also.
Lots of women out there wants independence so much that they neglect the duty and right of a man (husband) this is what most of us say "I don't need someone to take care of me, I have a successful job/career, my own house, family, etc. I enjoy my privacy, freedom and personal and financial independence. I see no benefit to getting entangled in anything more than a nice relationship."It is good but wrong.
You’re loose (as in you give it up way too easy) and is not good at all
Hooking up with some guy at any place is fine for the ladies after all but they’re not trying to get married. You are. This means, unfortunately, that if you’re having sex outside committed relationships, you will have to stop. Why? Because past a certain age, casual sex is like recreational heroin — it doesn’t stay recreational for long.

You’re Not Good Enough.
I do not think that for you. You did thought for yourself. I can tell because you’re not looking for a partner who is your equal. No, you want someone better than you are: better looking, better family, better job

Previous marriages
Past marital experiences have left some people cool on marriage. You get divorcee you jump into another. what makes you think the current will out your previous one that’s the answer.
Lack of Commitment
For many couples the marriage vows are just a ceremony and do not follow or keep the commitment made through the vows to the partner. They tend to forget that it takes commitment to nurture any relationship than looking for quick fix solutions and giving up too easily.
Family background
People who come from divorced home is likely to end up same way. Many of those children do not have believe and faith on the institution created and designed by God therefore they can salvage their home at anytime
Marriage is not just about physical compatibility; the couple should have mental compatibility as well to have a successful marriage. When the couple is not in tune with each other’s feelings then there is a higher chance that they might end up divorcing.
Lack of Physical Attraction
As years go by its quite natural for the couples to lose interest in maintaining their beauty and health. Such a situation can get the partner to stray thereby resulting in divorce. Further there are men who marry ugly or physically handicapped girls just for the hefty dowry they could bring without giving much importance to their appearance. Once the money is gone their dissatisfaction can cause physical and verbal abuse resulting in the marriage breaking up.
Lack of communication
Lack of communication between couples can be a major reason for break up. A marriage is on the rocks when the lines of communication fail. Many expect their partners to guess what they want or what their problem is without communicating. Because of this sometimes even small misunderstandings end up in divorce.
However, marriage is not about getting something, it’s about giving it. The bottom line is that marriage is just a long-term opportunity to practice loving someone even when they don’t deserve it. Once you are in no going back till death comes knocking…..for the single look well before you enter. For those in already exercise patience and with prayers things can change for better.

Monday, 25 June 2012

is it still for better or for worse?

Marriage is an institution created and designed by God. Anyone who feels trapped in a marriage can find many marriage "counselors," each with their own opinions, to tell them what's best. But when it comes to divorce, it takes more than an opinion to discover the right thing to do — it takes wisdom.
"Wives, submit to your husbands as to the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church, his body, of which he is the Savior. Now as the church submits to Christ, so also wives should submit to their husbands in everything".
"Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her to make her holy, cleansing her by the washing with water through the word, and to present her to himself as a radiant church, without stain or wrinkle or any other blemish, but holy and blameless. In this same way, husbands ought to love their wives as their own bodies. He who loves his wife loves himself. After all, no one ever hated his own body, but he feeds and cares for it, just as Christ does the church — for we are members of his body.

For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh.

Didn't the pastor read these things before jumping in and out of marriage like that...Pastor Chris Okotie is out for another divorce...wife number 2 in four years of marriage. this was decleared by him in the church. imagine..God have mercy.


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...with God all things are possible!!!

safe and fruitful week to everyone!!!

Making things happen is a natural thing that comes within me. In order to succeed in any area-business, relationship, academics, I have to work hard, create smart strategies and be a good team player. No doubt many of my disciplines were acquired by observing successful people. I grew up from a middle class family which runs a small business, were hard work is thought as nothing of getting up long before daybreak and working long past sundown. I assumed that same work ethics. So as I grew, I applied them so did my career in life grew also.

On a beautiful Monday I thought. Maybe the office and I will have some time to click. A habitual planner, I started going over my Monday list, adding and deleting things just getting organized. I began to develop my list of accounts, school certificates and less was listed but I didn’t mind because I knew I could learn a lot by working on small things. So that was why I began internship which is unpaid jobs. Just for experience sake because with those experience I could meet my goal.

As I worked my way up the career ladder, I pursued higher profile accounts, those requiring harder work and greater expertise to handle but representing richer opportunity both creativity and financially. Along with my professional success came with the respect from family and friends, which I had worked hard for to achieve. In addition I gain favor from all my supervisor and bosses that I have worked for.

The only drawback to success in my career was the family problem that I have and it did take so much of my time, I was tempted to spend too much at home than office. But at my conflict and tension I experience, I strove to balance my career and family responsibility.

What is the essence of this.... on a beautiful day God has given to you freely strive to make good use of it. At least in a day get one thing accomplished no matter how little it is. “Rome was not built in a day”.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

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Saturday, 2 June 2012

The predicament of a 10 year od girl.


 Sexual abuse is something that I find to be so demonic, I dislike it with all the veins in me when I get the stories in the air of sexual abuse or even any abuse or harassment whatsoever. it is worrisome and should be taken seriously, but again I sat to think what could be the cause. Especially when I came across the story of a 10 year old girl on another blog who can’t stay without sex daily from men. According to her story it all started at the age of 7 by an old man living in their compound where she stays with her aunt after the death of her father.
Obviously, the aunt is not aware of all these for so long. The man, who does this apparently, is sick because I would ask for the joy or satisfaction he derives from his act. The child could not have spoken for some reasons. Are there not people around who have noticed the man or the girl or both, perhaps some might have, but what is there business? After all is not their child or whatever. My next question is how much of the girls life has been destroyed and can be replaced?
For parents and guardians isn’t it obvious that the girl was not looked out for properly, sorry if I should lay blames on the aunt. What was her duty on the girl’s care if she was sent to her in Lagos? According to the story culled from a blog I read, the girl once was living in Enugu state before been sent to Lagos under the care of her aunt. I assume that she wouldn’t look after the girl properly after all is not her child. Whatever the case maybe, it is necessary that one monitors the child he or she is living with daily to observe differences that may occur and know how to start tracing the negative difference at an early stage. I assume if this was done it could have been notice at the first time of her sexual abuse.
Speaking of the man is obvious he is sick of pedophile. These are people who are sexually excited by children. However, with this instance I will not blame the aunt. My reason for this is that she wouldn’t have notice that this man was abusing her niece, of course such people are so innocent, calm, and pure. Infact I might say it is very difficult to identify them instead I would say it is important to identified sign that might show if there is any abuse going on. There is a possibility that this man has suffered from an abuse and wants to use the girl has a relive or to feel in control or power. I don’t think the man could have stopped if this was not reported, I rather think that he would stop if the child starts developing secondary characteristics of adulthood. This saddens my heart.
The child could not have spoken for some reasons, one could be that the relationship between a mother and child does not exist between she and her aunt or she is ignorant and thought it was normal. But what amazes me is the fact that no one noticed this until the age of 10. Because according to researchers there are number of symptoms a child demonstrates if being abused. Is it that the girl did not demonstrate them? This is so absurd or she did but was not taken care off again, the blame is going to her aunt. Some of the symptoms could be unusually sad, less communicative than usual, changed eating, nightmares, fear of persons or place they didn’t have before. With these symptoms when noticed its right to ask the girl questions in a loving manner, has anyone touched you before? This will remind the girl that you love her and support her then she will open up.
I just imagined the life of this poor girl being ruined by a useless man and the carelessness of the guardian to the extent of wanting for more, in any case there is still hope for the future, a better one for the girl. Rehabilitation will help the girl, I would say reassuring the girl that she is not to be blamed and seek for medical assistance will help too. The other thing is to find that man slap the law to  his face.
Do not be ashamed to voice out these complaints when it comes, such offenders does that because they feel that people can’t complain and that nobody would listen to them. but speak first and you will be heard.