Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Abominable Act.

In Zimbabwe a man had wanted to have sexual affair with his mother in law….can you believe this? MOTHER-IN-LAW okay maybe he is not satisfied with her daughter…lol am just guessing but I think so.
Therefore he decided to almost rape her. He kissed her, fondled her and attempted to lick her private part…wonders hall never end.
I got this from  Zimbabwe news A 28-year-old Gwabalanda man, Tendai Shoko demanded sex from his mother in law as compensation for rejecting his love proposal before kissing and attempted to lick her private parts”.
I heard the court is handling the case now….


  1. oluchi dis is life...tings are bound to happen.

  2. Our men should stop disgracing us. I guess the poverty too counts. I wonder, is it that the mother in law is more beautiful then his wife or what?.......Raymond