Friday, 1 June 2012

DISTANT RELATIONSHIP: a walk in or walk out?


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How are you guys and your week going? Mine has been purely good especially now that am on vacation from books.
Have this question on my mind, please I need us to reason well before any suggestion I did like to have some despite my own opinion. DISTANCE RELATIONSHIP: should it be a walk in or walk out?
I am in a situation like it now and wanted something to do so if there is any other opinion on this matter that you guys have, please do not hesitate to share with me.
Distant relationship, I mean in my own opinion is nothing to worry about especially when two minds are gratefully into it with understanding and maturity. Some people I have heard have their opposite opinion. But I have always come across this question, from web, friends, articles and conversations.
Is it true that when the two hearts do not see themselves most often, it could tempt them to cheat on each other?
Is it also true that most people in distant relationship suffer from trust and jealousy?
Is it true that they get fed up along the way and turn to seek love somewhere else?
Almost everybody will see it to be on a negative side but come on, why don’t we look at it on a positive side. I think is good. Every relationship has it’s strength and weakness and long distance relationship is not an exception. When two people who are in love are not around each other, well for those who are in a relationship can tell but for those who are not, I tell you it creates a room for loneliness both physical and emotional. But at this time, I say you need to find out whether the two of you are compatible or not.

 These are some of the things I would think and some other people also thought the same with me……
Every relationship needs to give a space in other to grow. You know seeing someone frequently can lead to loss of respect, boring, finding unnecessary faults etc, therefore it is advisable to give a space *wink* hence distance relationship. In that case you won’t be less tried seeing each other perhaps.
Emotional insecurity pops up. If you are insecure over the kind of people your partner is seeing then I will consider it that you are not emotionally mature. Don’t nag when you see your partner with anybody or a particular person…lolzz for some people who are emotional. Serious that will push him or her off the wall. Look at the positive side and know that your absence will bring your guys much sweeter fun when you meet than when you are always together.
Suspicions. Once you start suspecting hmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is the beginning of the end of the relationship.
You need to be creative to spice up your relationship. The worst thing you can ever do is to leave out phone conversation in a long distance relationship or even making it boring. it should be spiced up with those lovely words like Honey, Sweet, I miss you. Do no take decisions on your own whiles you guys are separated, learn to still consult your partner in any decision that you are about to take. 

To make it work I suggest these things, I mean that’s what I think might make it work.
  • ·         Let your partner always know that you are very important to him or her always make it known all the time.
  • ·         Let there be connections. Thank God for phones, internet such as face book, Skype, yahoo, send pictures a lot to him or her to be seeing your face.
  • ·         Try to do things together such as watching a movie together interesting ones and come online to share views, just think of something and share it together.
  • ·         Sometimes it is wise to plan a visit. Yeah!!! Am sure everyone will like that.
  • ·         Try to challenge each other. I mean motivate each other. Yeah!! It kinda worked for me previously. Challenge your partner to take up a bold step he or she has always wanted to.
  • ·         Always talk about your future together.
  • ·         Stay positive.
  • ·         Avoid jealously and stay trusted.

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