Monday, 25 June 2012

safe and fruitful week to everyone!!!

Making things happen is a natural thing that comes within me. In order to succeed in any area-business, relationship, academics, I have to work hard, create smart strategies and be a good team player. No doubt many of my disciplines were acquired by observing successful people. I grew up from a middle class family which runs a small business, were hard work is thought as nothing of getting up long before daybreak and working long past sundown. I assumed that same work ethics. So as I grew, I applied them so did my career in life grew also.

On a beautiful Monday I thought. Maybe the office and I will have some time to click. A habitual planner, I started going over my Monday list, adding and deleting things just getting organized. I began to develop my list of accounts, school certificates and less was listed but I didn’t mind because I knew I could learn a lot by working on small things. So that was why I began internship which is unpaid jobs. Just for experience sake because with those experience I could meet my goal.

As I worked my way up the career ladder, I pursued higher profile accounts, those requiring harder work and greater expertise to handle but representing richer opportunity both creativity and financially. Along with my professional success came with the respect from family and friends, which I had worked hard for to achieve. In addition I gain favor from all my supervisor and bosses that I have worked for.

The only drawback to success in my career was the family problem that I have and it did take so much of my time, I was tempted to spend too much at home than office. But at my conflict and tension I experience, I strove to balance my career and family responsibility.

What is the essence of this.... on a beautiful day God has given to you freely strive to make good use of it. At least in a day get one thing accomplished no matter how little it is. “Rome was not built in a day”.

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