Thursday, 26 July 2012

Hmmm!!! what do you think??

Another afternoon to be remembered. Hello everyone, hope your day is going smoothly. I have been in the office for more than 3 hours now doing nothing other than surfing on the internet and browsing through my phone. I would have said today is quite boring but I won’t because the previous days was so hectic for me. For the past three days I have been so busy, working, chasing document here and there form one shipping company to another, banks to banks, clients to clients then back to the office to do some documentations and sends some letters, until yesterday I had gone to a bank to make some transation which took my like 1 hour, from there moved to a shipping company to raise a draft which took me for like three whole hours to obtain, Gosh!! I went through hell. I had to stand of course sitting down is kind of telling myself that I don’t want to go. So I had to stand on my heel for three hours waiting for the woman behind the counter to attend to me and until she had attended to me was when I knew I had a problem with walking. God!!! My left leg hurts!!!! I then knew that I did rest my weight on that leg. I managed to get a cab to my office then immediately took my shoes off to let air pass through and get some relive from the pain too……and I prayed to God that tomorrow should not be like today…and that was it.
Today being 26th of July became a boring but resting day for the three days work and walk-about that I did. A client who usually comes to my company came in today. Unfortunately, my boss is not around I guessed he knew. From my office through the glass door, I could see a tall man who walked passed and knocked at the next door which was locked. Then is murmured, turned and left, as he was leaving I heard him asked my co-workers where is Oluchi, then I heard my name and came out from my office....
Good Afternoon Sir, please come inside, I didn’t know you were looking for me. Please have a sit. I said.
He sat down and then to business. After our discussion, I asked him to give me some few minutes to run a photocopy of the document I want to hand over to him…then I stepped out of my office to run the photocopy with the photocopying machine in the hall of my office….my co-employees begin to complain to me ….hey Oluchi tell that man that came in to greet next time when he comes in, if not we won’t mind him. How can he come to a big company like this and walk passed us without greeting until he finds the door locked then he came by asking where is Oluchi?...
Well is sounds funny to me. lolzz I know is the man’s fault anyways because he is supposed to greet when he enters into any place for that matter. But getting offended at a client for a mere forgetfulness of greeting is what bordered me… As an HR expert it is a very difficult thing to handle people with different characters, attitude esp when they are coming from different backgrounds and cultures. I said this because I tried to handle their emotions by telling them he is a client, learn the people skills and neglect his faults but one the complaint said NO… IT IS A TRADITION TO GREET…I said in my head OMG!!! This is business environment boy!!!....lolzz .. In my opinion, we don’t bring tradition to this, I did say if it hurts you jovially you can call the client yourself and correct him but politely not to scare him away because of one time mistake. As I was taught is school in the business world, we try to impress the client for them to patronage us even when they spit on our face we clean it and wear a smile *** is a pleasure*** hahahah…what do you guys think???
Have a safe day today

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