Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Dating for long...A walkin or walkout.

Even after long dating...they still got married...not just them but also the CEO of Facebook.
Tu-Face Idiba reveled his marriage inspirations in Ghana. culled from joyFm
“I listened to my song, ‘Next year I will love to marry’ ... and I’m like look this next year I want to marry and that’s the person (Annie Macaulay). It just happened like that on Valentine’s Day I just called her ‘hey lets hang out’,” he said.

The Implications star proposed to Annie, the mother of his daughter, Isabella Idibia, on Valentine’s Day, February 14 this year after 13 years dating.

The choice of date he said “was just spontaneous; I didn’t plan anything but I just knew that this is the person,” and he proposed to her.

My point in this is that as long as both heart sticks together, understand each other and are willing and determined they can make it to the end and to the alter. Some people disagree with dating for a long time well they have their reasons but whatsoever be the case i think is worth it never can tell what kept them that long to make it to the alter.they married afterall....but for me i won't wait for that long except we started that early like 15,16,17,18..lolzz i would wait for 13year but not when we started at 23..... what????? i no fit old oooo ( laughing) 

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