Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Ghanaians Govt wants Nigerians to employ 10 of their citizen....


  The Nigerian’s in Ghana are lamenting that Ghanaians’ government is chasing them out of the country and when I read through the statement made by most of them….well I see this or it see it as a business deal. Of course we are in a business world. We need to survive and every Nigerians knows that not even a child is exempted. Therefore if Ghanaians are not making it in one way they must seek alternative which is what they have done by the government filing out a policy that every business operating in Ghana by Nigerians should pay $300,000 and employ at least 10 Ghanaian citizen. Don’t you get it?
It simply means to me that it is a nationwide business deal to Nigerians…it is said you want to do business in Ghana or operate as an enterprise in Ghana. Simply deposit a $300,000 and employ at least 10 of our citizens ( cos we can’t innovate, develop and are hungry) or ( cos we want to go on a deal with you or Nigerian government are business to help develop our country)…well am saying this because, I believe their other foreigners in that country (Ghana). And looking at the Ghanaians economy, Nigerians are really boosting it.
My questions are just two:  why are other foreigners doing business in Ghana not billed also and chased out also?
Secondly, why should it be all business irrespective of it’s size and growth?
Below was culled from Vanguard..
The Nigerian traders said their shops were closed because they were said not to comply with the government policy which requires them to have an initial capital of $300,000 and employ 10 Ghanaians before they can start any business in Ghana regardless of the size of the business.
One of the affected Nigerians, Mr Ndukaku Mbanefo, who spoke to Vanguard on phone from Ghana said the Ghanaian authorities started closing shops belonging to Nigerians yesterday in Accra, the Ghanaian capital and vowed that the operation will be nationwide.
According to him, “the authorities in Ghana yesterday closed more than 40 shops belonging to Nigerians and they are still closing more. They closed our shops because they said we did not comply with the government policy that requires every foreigner who wants to start business in Ghana to have an initial capital of $300, 000 and must employ 10 Ghanaians to work with him regardless of the size of the business. Even if it is just a small restaurant or a barber shop you must employ 10 Ghanaians and show evidence that you have $300,000 before you can start.
Ghanaian authorities have been embarking on hostile business practices against Nigerians who are predominantly in real estate, textile and garments, electronics, banking and telecommunication and tourism. The Ghanaian government had imposed high tariff on Nigerian movies and restricted Nigerian actors from shooting films in Ghana. Nigeria’s telecommunication giant, Globacom was caught up with the high cost of doing business which caused it to delay some crucial aspects of its operations last year. The presidential candidate of Labour Party Otunba Dele Momodu, said the attitude of Ghanaian government is a flagrant violation of the ECOWAS protocol and that the Nigerians who are doing business in Ghana hold the key to Ghana’s economic revival. He said Nigeria must stand up to the  maltreatment of Nigerian in Ghana because Nigeria has been too good to their West African neighbour.


  1. Actually its not only Nigerian Shops that are being closed. Its all it?
    How u doing?

  2. I am thinking this is Bad Journalism from VANGUARD and lack of investigation from you too.... Copy and Paste this link :

    and you will know the facts...Its affecting all foreigners and not just Nigerians.