Friday, 20 July 2012

life is not an easy journey but we embark on it anyway....

My hustle for life begun since JUNE 18th 2012. I must say it is not an easy task. Now I feel for parents, guardians and sponsors, I’av now known the pain in their hearts and faces when things don’t go right as they thought it would go. Life is not as simple as we thought though but is a fight we all must take part in.
Here is the recap of my journey so far…I returned to Nigeria on the 4th of june,2012 as usual I needed rest from that hectic and brain ache exercise that I completed (project work) but then i made heisted  to start work as i was eager to gain experience on my field and make money too. Though family was a bit shaggy with things fallen apart which we are trying to put in place, peace, health financial stability were all on scarce  and I was hoping to bring some joy and light in the family.
Perhaps my internship can help and yes it does but I am making a lot of sacrifices. Making money real money is not a day’s job, not an easy thing oooo cos you need to tighten your belt , save more and spend less but then am doing it. #CHECK
However that hasn’t made my problem lessened but the fact that I had to be proactive at work place is another challenge to me. I would had called it a problem but I will not instead it is a challenge…..that I will explain some other time on this blog STAY TUNED.
In order to keep your job and raise your pay esp for the soon become graduates in this country, you must go an extra mile and that’s what am doing on my job. Proactive. I had to think outside the box to make things easier than before, bring in more ideals esp.-where it is a new company starting it big with bigger clients and bigger job on a first step. As a fresh graduate I need to come out with smooth system to help run activities in the organization and now this is where my thinking faculty has to be at work.
Of course I thought after school we did have to rest on our work, just come to work, put on the work ethics and begin moving on the job like a robot but it is another exam room all together. And just as we struggle to pass in the four walls of the classroom so do we have to struggle to make it in the organization we find ourselves in. my dear readers it is not easy…but if you have tips feel free to provide for me.  Right now am on it. #WORK-IN-PROGRESS. As if that is all…
I had to put a balance between my work-life, family, friends, acquaintances and relations. No matter how busy you were you need to make sure we are in touch with our loved ones. Just as am doing it right now keeping in touch the ones I loved so much and they love me that’s why they always find time to read what ii have to say on my blog. #CHECK
The worst part of the life is the point of decision making. That is very critical cos it can shape you to good or to bad and at every point in time that decision must be made. Every day of our lives. As a lady at every point in time, you have to make that decision ….that long life decision. You all know what am talking about….
I  had to reflex on my past, how I grew up and got up to this point. What my parent went through though starting from their spinsterhood and bachelorhood  to couples and raising of the children till now and age is chasing and almost near, the fear ,the joy,  the anticipations, disappointment and faith all these and I ask myself what was I doing when all these thoughts were wondering on their minds. Probably I was not born then or I was busy chasing milk, biscuits, zoo, amusement parks, holidays, Xmas,  Easter cloths and shoes. Now it is my turn to make decisions and choices. Thinking for the right thing is now becoming a problem …. Funny enough whenever things don’t go right as I wished I always wish God would turn back the hand of the clock to when I was 7 or 8 so that I can be provided at a snap of the finger.
Life is not easy but it is if we do well by love, fighting, pray and faith in God. It is worth living for but not worth dying for…think about this!!!

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