Tuesday, 10 July 2012


Hello everyone,
Hope your day is going well with you, mine is doing well with me but that is after i had resolved an issue with my boyfriend. let me push that aside.

I got to work this morning and i felt so cold when i heard what my co-worker was complaining about her relationship with her partner. oh yes! i felt that way because i knew what i'av done or said to my boyfriend last night and not untill this morning that i heard from him. anyways mine was different though....but i did realise we (couples) lol am not married ooo but am saying those of us in a relationship should better understand and be empathetic to our partners
Findings suggest that effort, positively impacts relationships.
These are ways to do it....
Listen for emotional messages The emotional message isn't the same as the words that your partner is saying. Your partner may be criticizing you for not spending enough time together, but the emotional message may actually be, "I miss you and I'm afraid I'm not important to you."
Push the pause button on your own emotions When your partner is expressing something critical, it's easy to respond defensively. Before reacting, take a deep breath and try to slow down your own emotional response so you can hear the emotion behind the criticism.
Reflect back your partner's emotional plea Instead of coming back defensively with, "What are you talking about? We just went on a walk yesterday, and we went to dinner last weekend!" respond to your partner's emotional plea by saying something like, "You really miss me and want to spend more time together. Thanks for letting me know. I love you."
Even if you read the emotional message inaccurately, your effort to understand your partner's emotions will pay off!

Hope we practice this often and it did work for us...Stay happy always!!!

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