Thursday, 3 January 2013

Masturbation: Benefits and Sides Effects

I haven’t seen masturbation in the bible but I heard some pastors encourages it (names withheld). But an article I got from a website has these to say…
There are beneficial side effect of masturbation such as it stimulates the brain, helps release and prevents acnes breakout, hormonal levels are controlled and sexual desire decreased.
However, like it has always been said every advantage has a disadvantage, therefore masturbations side effect are listed below
It affects the nervous system
It weakens the digestive, urinary, heart systems and others
Continues headache and backache
Dizziness and loss of memory
Unable to perform any heavy job
Dim vision
And most importantly impotency
My kindly advice, if you are involve into such act, please and please stop or better still reduce it.
Pass this information to your loved ones.
In Summary

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