Friday, 4 January 2013

Phone Theft

Yesterday was the first day I resumed office for the year in Ghana. Being it was Friday I didn’t think of waiting for the weekend to be over to resume on Monday, I was particular interested in making sure that nobody is stranded with any information or document, hence, I decided to resume work on Friday.
Anyway, I did not do much of work though but we had what we call Staff Retreat. Of course I attended the program and after that I retire to my office and did some small work, time to time I sneak out of work to drop gist for you guys.
I stood up to deliver documents to some department, clearing knowing that I did not step out of the office with my phone after all, it was not necessary cos I will be returning soon. Nevertheless on same note I did not close my door, I shouldn’t because I share my office with a Doctor, upon returning from document delivery I did not bother to check on my phone and still make some few movement in and out of the office.
When I remembered that I had to make some few calls, was when I thought of my phone, then I found out that it was not on my desk. God!! I ran mad, I was so sure I left it on my desk, I cried, called the phone, was ringing but no answer. Could it be that the thief was not willing to remove the chip or since it was in vibration he/she has not noticed the ringing perhaps in their mind the owner is not bothered. My boss was convinced that I left it somewhere on the cause of my movement, my friends thinks so too, my boyfriend told me same thing also. But my mind was sure I left it on my desk.
Case closed I knew is lost, so am now thinking on how to obtain a new and better one, due to anger instead of taking my normal public transport home popular known in Ghana as tro tro, I pick a dropping and reached home. Crying to my boyfriend that I have lost my precious blackberry phone, he picked his phone dialed my line the first time, rings but no response on the second attempt someone picked and some conversation took place.
The long and short of it was that I eventually found my phone and to clear it up, it was not stolen as I thought my bad. I actually left it in the receptions when I went there to make some enquires.
The message I wish to pass out from my phone’s predicament is don’t jump into conclusion; rather wait for sometime before you make your conclusion.
I have already concluded that someone stole it. Thank God I did not do the childish stuffs like raining curses on the thief; I might have directed it on me.
Stay Inspired.
Let me quickly do my laundry will be right back.

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