Wednesday, 2 January 2013


My daddy told me a lil story and I want to share with all of you.
There once lived a very rich man, I mean proper rich man ooo. LOL He had just a daughter and he loved her soo much. This man was a very wise man (arguably, you can decide for yourself if he is or not). One day the daughter after years of former education went to her father and asked that the father should help her get a good husband for herself. (I don’t blame her for walking to the father for a husband because in my part of the world I live in, Men are scared to approach women who have higher levels of education). That’s just by the way, let me continue with our story. So the father asked , what qualities do you look for in this man ? She said “Daddy, all I ask for the man is to be a Brave and a Risk Taker”. The daddy said “OK, I will help”. So after some days, the man made an announcement to all the men in his community and beyond that his is looking for a Brave and a risk taking guy for her daughter to marry so anyone interested you be at his premises at a certain time.
     The time came and you should come see how many guys showed up there? So the man told them the conditions, which was He had a pool with Crocodiles (It was a dirty pool) in them and that he was looking for the person who claims that he is brave and a risk taker to jump into the pool and swim to the other end of the pool. That is what is going to earn the person his daughter for marriage. Now everyone is standing and nobody wants to jump into the pool. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Forgive me for laughing at someone who fears for his life but Really? If you cannot do that why will you call yourself brave and a risk taker? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Let’s continue….It gets better. So after everyone standing there for about 1hour, then a man was about to end the show, and all of a sudden, Boom! Splash!
One guy is in the water and everyone was gnashing their teeth in pain for him because they all knew he has no chance against crocodiles in a pool of water. So the guy swarm to the end of the pool. Interestingly, instead of the guy jubilating, to the surprise of all, he came attacking a particular guy in the crowd with punches. He was asked by the lady’s father, WHY are you attacking him, he said ……He pushed me into the pool. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA OMG!!!!
But the man said, whether you were pushed or not, our agreement was whoever made it to the other end of the pool emerge as the one for my daughter. So you get to marry my daughter!
NB: There was no crocodiles in the pool.
Whether you like it or not, In this world, you either motivate yourself or you are motivated by someone. Everyone need a PUSH!
I pray this story pushes you to do things you never imagined you could do. And please after the push don’t come and beat me up ooooo.

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