Sunday, 6 January 2013

Culture of 2013 Excellence

Perhaps the juiciest part of our 2013 is our agenda which revels the long fantastic list of what we hope to achieve before the year runs into quarter or ends. Along the line those who started the race will draw back, drop out so many are encountered on this race.
Am here to let you know that you should expect such encounters. Life is not a bed of roses, if you want to achieve more and great you got to work extremely hard. Developing the culture of excellent is the important factor. Daniel 6:3 “then this Daniel was preferred above the president and princes, because an excellent spirit was in him, and the king though to set him above the whole realm”. Let’s look at the highlighted statement.

Daniel was preferred above the president and princes, which is to say he (Daniel) stepped beyond where everyone is.
Excellent spirit, stand as striving the do the best, hardwork, persistence.
Set him above the whole realm, means Daniel was promoted. Not promotion should not always be seen as position, it can also come as entrusting much responsibility.
My reason  for this article is to encourage you to strive for the best wherever you find you self, you might aim for the high but find yourself at the low this year, do not neglect the corner you are in, put in your best as if it were the place you aimed to be and turn it to your advantage. I always say, don’t let the situation determine for you, determine the situation. This story here will inspire you to be your best even when you are disappointed. No matter how you find your self, just swim across.
Stay Inspired.

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