Saturday, 17 November 2012

What is your / my life purpose?

Yeap!! It’s weekend, yea! yea! A lot of things going on, family meetings, re-unions, get-to-gathers, clubs, party all sorted out you know. But when we are winding down the week, we should think about our life at least for the upcoming phase. The new week.. How do you want to spend it? I should ask us; perhaps this question might have crossed our minds but never taken time to consume it. What is your / my life purpose?
And believe me, the answer to that question is at times very difficult. To understand your life purpose, you need to identify your passion. You need to be aware that your day-to day activity and things that interest you most is way below your purpose in life. Your purpose in life is much greater.
In the journey of discovering your passion, you need to expand your knowleage on self awareness. Why? If you know what makes you happy, what gets your heart beating a little harder, and the skills that you possess and then this is a major step towards discovering your purpose in life.
According to Idillionaire…..
Start this discovery by writing down your current ambitions, your anger, frustrations, disappointments and desires; the good and the bad. The aim of this is to help you understand who and what you are as a person — what makes you tick? When you understand yourself then you will be able to start finding your purpose, as you will know your strengths, weaknesses, desires, and capabilities.
Practice your self-awareness by writing down every thought that crosses your mind; this will take your understanding to a higher level and allow you to discover more about yourself. The goal during this journey of self-discovery is to be open and honest so you become more self-aware, which potentially will lead to finding your purpose and passion in life.
Days usually begin and end in your bed. This may be a good place to start bringing a pen and a pad to write down your thoughts and to analyze yourself throughout the day.
 Start now, start today
Didn’t think you could ever be a writer? A dancer? A singer? A scientist?
When you identify what it is your heart desires, what really makes you tick, then you must start exercising that skill today. Little by little, you will learn what it is you’re passionate about. This passion is your purpose. Harness it. Don’t let it slip away.
Applying these practices to discover your purpose and passion will free your mind, body, and soul. Your purpose in life lies inside you: all you have to do is discover it. Ask yourself questions, provide the answers, and eventually you will start to realize that you were born for that one purpose.

Okay I will end it here by leaving this advice for you…Live the life you want to live today!!!  Safe week ahead guys


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