Thursday, 8 November 2012

Relationship and Romantic Novels

Ladies matter...
Most of us, thinks or believe that what we find in romantic novel and watch on telenovella are true and we tend to make a huge mistake by synchronizing them into our relationships. In relationship, I support the man to be the CEO and the lady the manager/director, in that way I would say they are incorporated #team. Am sure you guys will be wondering, where is these lady going to, but I tell you it is absolutely necessary that you the lady becomes the manger/director whiles the man becomes the CEO, after all is the two of you against the other parties or companies.
Let the men know that we are with them as a team, CEO makes the point, mangers channels and manages the point to benefit the company. Therefore, let the man make his point, and you will direct and manage his point to suit the two of you.
However, I’ve also come to realize that what works for A might not work for B or C. as a manager you need to adopt your own strategy to manage your business, so it is with your relationship. There is something I have learnt in cooperate business world, ”Humble Pie”…lets learn to say I am sorry and thank you. It is usually taken for granted but it’s actually important to us, to our relationships.
There is no slow or fast way or articles which will determine how long a man would stay with you. Someone who’s married to a man she made out with on their first night out together have been married with him for 15years. And someone who kept a man for a whole year before letting him enter the V hole was actually dumped after a month. Well decide your own part yourself, am equally in the same shoes as you all are.
 Some people would say, if he loves you he will call you first? Really!! What about you do same for him? Believe me, if you heed to such advice, you lose your relationship, men also feels same way we do. Obviously, ladies like to be pampered but don’t you think men also liked to be pampered? or where you thinking that they are wood? Ideally I believe that a solid reason to long lasting relationship is effective communication, if you have something to say to him, please say it and stop bottling it all inside. If you want to talk to him, you don’t have to wait for him to call, you can pick up your phone and call him.
Getting into a new relationship is like starting a new business you are not sure if it’s going to work out, so you can only hope for the best. It’s a risk you should be willing to take because it may (or may not) work out. If it doesn’t work out, then both parties can go their separate ways (hopefully, with no hard feelings). It’s very important to remember that both of you are from two different homes and if you want to make it work, you have to be ready to fully “accommodate” his character. Just as your employees at work. Again I say #team.
I did grow up with this mentality that a man should be the first to say I love you. I’ve asked few adult on such most of their response was’ there is no big deal in I love you anyway” well that’s their opinion.
All I can say is this…
If you have a man let him know how much you love him, and don’t be afraid that when he knows he would dump you or take advantage of you.  Give him all the supports that he needs from you. Time to time send him a sweet phone text message or e-mail.
And if you’re about to get into a new relationship or you’re on the verge of mending an old one or even if you’re manless at the moment, please all the books and love articles would not help in your relationship. Keep it straight from the heart not from the books etc.
I will end by saying it is your choice and yours alone….
Feel free to drop comments and add-ons.
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