Sunday, 4 November 2012

My Weekend, Inspired.Be your own BOSS.

The first thing that comes in the mind of every fresh graduate is money and work, and it is an obvious expectation that they hit the job market immediately, and of course, any job is expected to yield great salary anything other than that is below expectations, which in an eager youthful language would be job dissatisfaction. On reality, life after school can mostly be seen in the opposite, or maybe could be that way if expectations are lowered, achievements if I say before money.
This weekend I went to visit an old friend of mine; she did graduate before I did. With all reasons, I had not considered her to be part of the job hunting group in the job market. Anyways, I was inspired and challenged in our conversation.
Issues of life are not to be taken on empty struggles or for granted either. But life is a taste we all experience in one way or the other, be it bitter, sweet, or sour but we must identify the main truth hidden in life, without identifying that true, life on earth will be meaningless. Although, this can be interpret in different angles but am speaking expressly on what am trying to emphasis which should influence our thinking in the right direction. I’ve seen, heard and have met a lot of graduates’ sitting in the house jobless, when I ask ‘whats’ up with life after school” I usually get the response…still searching for job or oh! Am doing nothing.
Actually, what inspired me in my friend was, she said to me “Oluchi, I had to do something, I cannot sit and ask for money from my parents when I am a graduate”.  Apparently, she is a sales person. She sells cloths and jewelry, sophisticated, exotic ones that can bring an ordinary to the spotlight for Gent and Ladies. I asked if she makes profit and her responds was yes. Earlier whiles on campus, she has won so many awards and has been nominated so many times in different awards, talent, most corporate, most dressed awards. She sells alongside her studies. I call it her pet those days. I need not be surprise to have seen her emerge a huge success in such lucrative business, telling you her own style of sales will be for another blogging session. But in a nutshell, I saw life in another dimension….do that which you loving doing and do it well. Don’t sit ideal and blame someone for it. It is you to make the move.
Here is a male friend of mine who challenged me by whispering a throwback statement of mine. “That I am busy working for someone. In his own words,” you are helping someone build his own business instead of building yours”. Those are the statement I normally say when I was much younger. Whenever I engage an intimate discussion with my mom, I tell her…Mom, I won’t work for anybody, I won’t answer “Sir” or “Madam” to anyone, I will be my own boss.
Spontaneously, it was like I am pitched on my ass and a sound like wake-up girl rang in my ears he added, working for organizations for more that 3 to 5 years is enough practical experience to start off your own dream.
My weekend, brought me into thinking how do I start it off, as if my guy knew what I was thinking he gave me a reply during one of our numerous conversation : baby, read, I realized you don’t read, read to add to know more, learn from other peoples mistakes and build yours success making a difference.
I hope you guys got the message I just passed. Be your own boss. Have a safe week.

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