Monday, 5 November 2012

Wardrobe Malfunction: How to avoid it.

Wardrobe malfunctions can happen to anyone. A flip through any celebrity magazines will confirm what I said. You are probably familiar with the moment we rush off to the office neglecting the important part of our life. “First impression really matters” I will come back to this quote. This are some wardrobe malfunctions 
  • overexposure
  • ·        Deodorant stain
  • ·        Visible bra
  • ·        See through dress etc
Okay I mentioned those because they are trending these days. #improper. First impression matters, you dressed like that to meet a decent personality, you ruin your reputation I bet, no matter how gorgeous you are, your appearance can be a turn-off.
Some years back I dressed in a flared skirt feeling so cute and confident in a breezy day along the street and the next thing was a gust of wind comes along, sending my flare skirt up towards the sky. I felt so embarrassed. Am sure some of you have had such experience before, even the Duchess of Cambridge herself fell victim to the wind blowing wrath, I bet it gave the world a teeny glimpse of her royal hinny, I was not there to say for sure…lolzz . However, it can be avoided in these simple ways.
  • ·        Make sure your dress fits
  • ·        Keep bandages and Vaseline in your purse for blister-prone feet.
  • ·        Carry spot stain remover, just in case you mistakenly sore yourself during the day.
  • ·        Buy and watch fashion tapes, and emulates their fashion styles, tips etc.
Be practical in considering your body proportion, check your comfort factors. I watch some ladies with blotted stomach in a tight-fit dress, awkward. Wearing skirts calls for wearing a pair of women’s shorts underneath to avoid my case scenario. Sometimes we encounter office disaster, like our buttons or zip disappointing us when such happens grab your stapler and clip like we do with documents. Do not let a little lint ruin your perfectly dressed outfit. Get things done the way it should be and carry ones which are necessary just to avoid wardrobe crises.
Happy Monday and Have a Nice Day.

 Happy Monday and Have a Nice Day.

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