Friday, 9 November 2012

Tips for young professional starting a new Job.

If you’re starting a new job, you’ve got some thought running through your head. How is the workplace going to look like? My co-workers, my boss, will they like me? How will I start digging into projects and meeting deadlines? Normalcy I would say, it is to have such thoughts.
However, it is very important to create a good impression on your first day at work. Your first impression to the organization on the very few days at work can turn into a long term perception and reputation in that organization.
Here are tips from experience I believe will help young professional in starting a new job.
professional dressing
Look professional: it is always important to dress to impress and feel comfortable too in it, never underestimate the importance of dressing professional always because you never can tell when you will be called upon for a meeting. I will encourage that you dress how you want people to perceive you. This plays a huge role on how you will be treated in the organization.
Relax: of course at your first day, you might seem nervous, do control your nervous habit and don’t let it show.
confident lady
Be confident: show them that you deserve to be there. Ask questions where you don’t understand, share your thoughts when you feel it is needed.

Communication: be open-minded, you may feel somewhat competitive, but then, when it shows it might land you to unemployment, therefore I suggest you submit to team work, and politely suggest your opinion in a co-operative manner.
Separate work from personal stuff:: avoid unnecessary social media, I said unnecessary because during working periods social media can be used for some specific purposes, customer relations, advertisement etc, but your personal stuff is prohibited at work place, avoid buying and selling, making unnecessary phone calls etc that cannot be useful for the organization.
Be innovative: whatever you do, don’t just sit and wait for the next project, pick one and start working on. Volunteer for things even though you don’t have any knowledge or how to do it. There will be people who will be there to help you and they must appreciate your effort. Be a self-starter don’t just for directions  to come before you act.
Connection (networking): just the fact that you got a new  job does not make you to throw off your networks, keep them updated, attend conference meetings, staff meetings, connect with key people in the organization, you never know  who you might need tomorrow.
Finally from my experience, been a newest member in an organization can be challenging and exciting, you get to meet difficulties and opportunity but then, I would advise that you make good use of the situation.

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