Tuesday, 20 November 2012


Do you know that the people you are surrounded with matters a lot. Tell me your friend and I will try you who you are. You want to do something and somethings are letting you down, do you bother to ask why? Perhaps, it could be you!!. You’re demotivated, discouraged, weak name them, but the people around you….???? How much have they helped? Of course, it can be tough to find great new connections and friends to add to your inner circle; people who will support you, help you, and encourage, motivate, and inspire you. It’s a lot easier to spot the people in your inner circle who are holding you back.  And that’s why you need to drop them off. If you find your friends in one of these listed, drop them off and move forward.
Enemy of progress: Get rid of the people who always forecast doom and gloom based solely on their bad experiences. Your results may vary because you aren't them.
Raving fan: Get rid of that person who always thinks that you are good, your thoughts are always wonderful and the best. Sometimes we need people who will point out mistakes and polish our thoughts. Contributions is not an exemption in our thoughts, hence, two heads are better than one wouldn’t have been in the sayings.
Gossips: That’s the one I hate so much, funny enough I did experience that so much in my high school, gossips, back stabbers aren’t suppose to be around you. How do you identify them? Simple…as they come telling you of another person so will they go telling other people about you too. Get rid of them. They are people who will never see good to whatever you are doing. Oh!! My dear, this won’t work, yet they do not give you tangible reasons why they think it won’t work. When someone always counters every single idea with a never-ending list of reasons it just won't work, then he or she needs to go, because unreasonable doubt is the enemy of achievement. If my idea truly won't work, I definitely want to know. Tell me, tell me why, and then tell me what might work instead. Then you're helping. Then we can go places together. Otherwise, we should just go our separate ways.
NFA (No Future Ambitions): Just the way my high school physics teacher calls them. Some people just drift like zombies. They wander aimlessly from task to task, from day to day and year to year with no plan, no purpose, and no goal. Surround yourself with people who have ambitious plans, meaningful purposes, and big goals. Even if their goals are different from yours--and they probably will be--you'll feed off their energy, and they'll feed off yours and stay away from the NFA’s. They won't kill you, but they'll definitely kill your motivation and enthusiasm.

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