Wednesday, 14 November 2012

EXCLUSIVE: He proposed #Wedding Planning

He’s finally popped the question. You are now engaged and have set a wedding date…."Now What?", you ask yourself.  Anyways a big congratulations to you.
I’ve heard that from experienced friends and relatives that immediately he pops the question that mostly comes with the big YES, joy fills in but then from that day onwards, our dream wedding starts to emerge as though it was to happen the next day. Anticipation, fear of whether it will turn out perfect or ruined by something, stress, budget, oh!! I heard it entails more that flashes our mind. Can you blame them, is just their first time, and if you were to be in a country like Nigeria where weddings are seen as a one time, life time thing. Then if you are not good at something or never indulged in any before planning a luxury wedding to suit your dream will be too stress full.
I have few to guild you in planning your wedding

  •       Decide upon date.

  •         Type of ceremony

  •       Preferred location/ venue

  •        Guest list and numbers

  •         Guests' travel arrangements

  •        Save the Date/ Invitations out ASAP

  •      Book ceremony and reception venue.

  •      Book suppliers - photographer, catering, entertainment, flowers, transport, hair and make-up, any extras

  •      Attire/ rings/ accessories( colors for your bridesmaids you know the rest)

  •       Book honeymoon

There are many other things you may or may not like to schedule in too such as gift list, hair and make-up trials, seating plan,  menu tasting, wedding cake, hen and stag parties, writing vows and speeches. It may all sound a bit overwhelming which is why you need to be VERY organized and focused or hire a wedding planner who has the experience and the contacts on speed dial to provide you with great service and worth.

Oh!! And what about dress? You're not going to have the normal amount of lead in time to order that designer dress. You may have to buy off the peg or look out for some incredible sample sales which can include one-off prototypes by top designers.

I personally think that planning a wedding in a short amount of time is very exciting as you have to keep the momentum going and it builds very quickly towards the big day. I also think, for some reason - probably the extreme focus, that it is easier to gel everything together. When you are working on a wedding for 12  to18 months, that is, When you have loads more time, I find couples regularly change their minds about things, which is only natural. It is nice because you can spread everything out and there is no rush. Some couples love this but others I know have felt that is was too long a process and wished they'd got married a lot more quickly. The great thing is, whichever your preference, that every couples' wedding ideas and time frames are so different which is what makes every wedding unique and a joy to help create. Remember all things are possible!.