Thursday, 15 November 2012

INSPIRED: Legacy, you leave behind.

The true legacy of a person is the cumulative positive impact a person has on the lives of others. A life well lived is measured by what was accomplished compared to what could have been accomplished. This is what a stranger I met in a bus while coming to work this morning told me during our conversation. Pounding on his words gave me more insight to the word LEGACY. Actually, he spoke on this issue when he learnt I’m the first person doing something new in my school and when he asked me why I did what I did, I gave my reasons, well other seems to be judgmental but he accepted my opinions and stated  the above LEGACY.
During my heart pondering session on his words which serves as a drive to me. I came to realize that whether you like it or not, you are leaving a legacy. Every life  no matter how humble, how challenged by circumstance, how limited by the influence of poverty or social position , has incredible potential to have impact in the life of another and to itself be well lived. Although, there is one attribute I’ve found in nearly all those who have left a legacy of positive influence, of important impact: They rarely criticize the thoughts and beliefs of others.
I guess that’s another thing that concerned me about both the conventions: how much time was spent criticizing others rather than explaining beliefs and magnifying the positive influence we can have when lifting people up rather than pulling people down. People worthy of legacy influence may disagree with you and with one another, but almost universally they will tell you what they believe without attacking or belittling your beliefs. I have also noticed that those who are too quick to criticize the beliefs of others rarely demonstrate a legacy life, and the impact they have is of the moment, because it is more often negative, argumentative, and destructive. Legacy and positive impact depend on compassionate concern that values influence over applause.
 Another way of understanding this is that truly great people elevate those around them, and those who are not truly great simply try to bring others down to their own small size. Attacking someone’s beliefs almost always suggests that you are trying to cut a great person down to your own size.
I have my political opinions. You have yours. Perhaps we agree. Next time you have the opportunity to tell me about yours, I’m going to try to remember what is said about disagreeing without being disagreeable, and I hope I listen with that same respect and attitude of love I would hope to receive from you.

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