Monday, 19 November 2012

EXCLUSIVE: Become a Billionaire in 6 steps

For the ambitions, they aspire to be a millionaire, spend time going through billionaires’ biography.  Do you need to do that for so long?  Is high time we make up our own story for people to see and be inspired on. Actually, in my discovery it’s only the poor and lazy that would sit down to discuss the assets of A, B and C. no!! That’s is not a bad idea at all, It is a source of motivation…but then motivation without an act is totally useless.
I discover simply but 6 steps to become a billionaire, you maybe surprise that being a billionaire is actually in your finger tip but carelessly ignored.
1.      Stop wasting your time: Time wasting in gossips, taking a holiday tours, pictures etc, I mean a sit down and ask yourself how have you spent your day? In each day make a list of what you hope to accomplish, have been able to accomplish them? Or maybe as the year is running out, what have you done with yourself, how useful and beneficial have you been to yourself this year? You answer should be able to decide whether you are a billionaire or not. To be able to achieve some ting with your time and life, you need to make good use of your time, work whiles others sleep.
2.      Determination:  when you fall 10 times, rise up 10 times, be determined to get what you want, it could be the last one that will your breakthrough. Your downfall and shortfalls are your advantage and a learning process for your success in anything you do. Billionaires are always willing and ready to do whatever it takes to make their business thrive.
3.      No Excuses, deliver the result: oh! The weather is so bad, the customers’ are not responding to me, the internet is so low, I am being discouraged and so on, you are simply making an excuses and at the point these excuses are made so other people are on the street hustling, your competitors are busy increasing their market share. I will advise you stop pointing finger and shoulder your responsibility. Try and identity your weaknesses strategize on how to make them strong to be a competitor over the others.
4.      Be Innovate: do you need to rely on same process for a very long time, research more, try to come out with an easy and better way to achieve something. Most people does same job you are doing but what makes them different form your is how you package your product, service-how fast are you to deliver. Always try to bring out new things be the market leader( continually push for success and seize every opportunity as if it were to be your last chance.
5.      Commitment: Commitment is what matters when your are starting your business, no-matter what happens I will see through to what am doing, you don’t just come to work today and be absent the next day, whether profit or no-profit, you need to be at work every day and be committed in whatever you are doing. Constantly do it with diligence as if your whole life depends on it.
6.      Have a strong work ethic: having a strong work ethics will have shape your life into being  a billionaire. Come to work early, leave late, work when you are suppose to work ( Going the extra mile earn you an extra income.

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