Tuesday, 9 October 2012


Hello guy,

I am preparing for work this morning. just thinking on the huge task that i have to complete in the next three hours #deadline and am running out of time. This makes me wonder how am going to combine work plus my family with other interest. Work-life i tell you is a huge difference from student life. but then, am just thinking aloud with you guys. I have a special interest in corporate world, been an entrepreneur is not bad for me

As a business student and a specialist on Human Resource Management.am seeing myself to have a the intrigues to run a company and make it stand out in a competitive market. why do i say that? Human resource Management does not limit it's self in the employee-employer relationship it goes way beyond that.

 According to Forbes Magazine " is not always about the people and humanizing the brands". HR Practitioners go way beyond that in Risk and control management and governance.  As a business student and a specialist in Human Resource Management, HR has been a flavor in my career so far cause we need to measure data and stay human as a leader. Obiviously, am not just looking at the people recruited but the amount of input delivered or deducted which can make the organization live or die.

 However, an HR specialist is also looking at how they can make the company a better place to work. They look up for solution to solve problems within and outside the company, in major areas like leadership, innovativeness, and putting people first.

I tell you that the HR will have today in company's limits damage and lowers risk and in doing so slows down the company.

Hopefully, to speed up innovation through HR

  1. We need to stop counting hours, degrees, recommendation and focus on what really matters to an employee, what managers really need. just ask questions and you get the answers that you need.
  2. Listen... it pays, you gain. don't just listen to the voice in your head, other people opinion matters a lot.
  3. Observe non-verbal signs. yeah!!! most times people cannot just tell you what they feel but they can tell you through their expression and most people can talk without gestures...you know what i mean...
  4. Don't be a friend, be a leader. Most of HR practitioners that i've seen so far thinks that they can be friends to all and still be a leader. for me is not always the case. i did prefer you pick one at a time. people think that being human, acting like every normal human such as been sociable makes you innovative. i bet that when you do this it will make you the HR profession to solve complex problems and deal with other people. An advice here is to think and act fully in yourself that is the only way that you can be a innovater.
I do want to believe that you have at least learnt one or two things an a HR professional or a business Guerrero need to know in running a successful company or business.

Now i got to run and dress-up for work, i will see you guys for more stuff when i return.

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