Saturday, 13 October 2012

what should i do?

Hi Everyone,

Nigerian and Ghana Movies is one movie that I devote or it seems that I devote myself to watch. Especially, when I feel like getting in touch with my own people as in Ndi Nkem in (Igbo language). This evening, while I was feasting in a bowl of Banku with Tilapia fish and a pepper sauce, I was as well watching a typical Ghanaian movie.

Oh now I don’t need to pull you guys into the whole movie but the story is line-perfect, acting not too good and the screen play was too dull. OMG!!! I have never been a director but this movie I bet I can direct it to win an award. Nevertheless, the story line got me thinking…and I want to ask this question. Feel free and drop your comment or answer.

How do you feel and what will do when you hear that your boyfriend or your girlfriend is or has cheated on you with evidence?
Have a safe weekend guys!!

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