Saturday, 6 October 2012


 Hi friends,

Happy weekend!!!!

I should probably be having fun with my friends but naah I chose to happy myself here.  But then nothing so special than eating and watching movie. Doing laundry is a Saturday ritual but am going to change date and get it replaced by telling the story on how my week went down.

Before I start, I need to tell you that am back to Ghana again. lol some of you don't even care to know or probably will ask who the hell is this girl? (laughing) i made myself a superstar. As i was saying jor, I change my workplace, usually I do internship in a logistics company in Lagos,Nigeria but currently I chose to work for my school Pentecost university in Ghana and I tell you, what I thought might be boring turned out to be the most happiest place I have ever worked in my life. Most time I hear successful people use these statement “I LOVE MY JOB” I did wonder how on earth they can love their job. Is it possible? When will I ever say that? Lots and lots of things keep popping into my head. And wow!!! I did say and I keep saying am loving it here on campus as a worker.

I came to Ghana on the 29th of September, 2012. Apparently the journey seems like the other ones. Me, my luggage’s and school. Although I was scared…cause I have a well paid job in Nigeria (internship though) but I need to take a few adventure, explore the opportunity that I have and exercise some in-dependency. But hey I took decision and followed my heart and am here.

ABC terminal Lagos Nigeria

However, this is a preliminary report on my job so far, if I say I don’t anticipate changes I lie but then I hope for the best babes. Mondays and Tuesdays was boring  at work but interesting as I get to catch –up with my juniors at school.

Administrative block of Pentecost University Campus.

The building there is where my office is located.
And then Wednesday was the biggest and unexpected work day i’ve ever had, it started with a morning devotion for all staff and then to a corporate chat with my boss, then to reviewing of all files in my cabinet and opening new once, then to mapping an action plan with my boss towards the next day event which will take place on campus and then and then and then.
OMG!! Thursdays and Friday was not left out too as the work became so huge and stressful but you know what? i love it…. Am loving it
hey guys this is what I have to say… 
I have a desire and I follow it.
I was scared of my decision but I made the bold step anyway.
I got control of my life #independence.

follow your heart and learn to take responsibility of your actions. mom, dad and every one else are they to guild you as am doing right now but that does not mean you should follow into our footstep, instead use it as an inspiration to create your own path. am doing it. you should do so.

 Stay glue to my blog and get to know my life, my world.
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  1. you must be a good student for you to have take a job in your school. congrats

  2. where do you come from Bee Dazzler....

  3. i don't care Bee. Leave us alone.

  4. you sound worker-holic. why did you chose to school in our country?

  5. very pretty girl. i love ladies with brains and beauty. keep it up and God will be by your side.