Saturday, 13 October 2012

my TV morning show

Hi everyone,
It has become a usual thing for me to blog every weekend. But then hope you all are enjoying your weekend so far. Mine kicked off Friday evening after a whole stressed week, and No am not talking about me today.
I got some things to share with you guys, after a whole laundry this morning. I got a broom to sweep, and tidy my room, then I had this sharp pain in my stomach which looks like someone using needle to pierce me. Ooh it was so sharp and painful, I didnt know what to do, I thought to call dad or my sister but then even if I made that call what will they do? Because is not like am in my family house where they can come help me with my chores or go get some tablets or even pamper me. Then I laid down on my bed, I stretched my hand to reach the TV remote control on my table, then I pressed to on TV. All I wanted was a sound in my room, I hate the quite mood, I want something to take my mind off from the pain. Then I saw this show, looks like 700 Club, am sure it wasnt.  Gosh my stomach hurts; I suddenly dropped the remote control and pressed my stomach on the bed. The pain was gradually reducing am not sure but what I was sure was that I am listening Kates story on TV.  
I listened, liked it and want to summarized what I heard.
KATE: A waitress to stripper to a prostitute.
Kate was an aspiring actress with lots of responsibilities. She had a charming look as an actress and being her dream, she walk, act and lived by it. she needed a job as a waitress in a night club. So she was called for an interview.

During the interview, everyone loves her because of her charm and charisma, so the job was given to her. She had lots of work overload, yet the money made out of the club is not enough to take care of her responsibilities. She thought of what to do but then decided to be a stripper in same club. According to her, she did realize that her clients want more, not just fantasies and that lead her to prostitution.

Not until she got pregnant by her boyfriend, she wouldnt have quit. She wanted to abort the baby.  Then she realized that, that life was not the dream she had for herself.  Knowing she is pregnant and wanted abortion she went to talk to a friend who is a Christian and that friend assured her that God will take care of her and not to abort the bady, which will be a murderer if she does. But then, Kate knowing how sinful she is and how far she is from God she thought it was impossible for her to get into relationship with God. Her friend prayed with her and gave a pastors phone number to Kate.

Kate got home and called the pastor, after introduction, the pastor prayed with her and she received Christ has her personal lord and savour.
Kate quit that sinful life style and carried her pregnancy for nine month, gave birth to a baby girl and continued living in Christ Jesus. She strongly raised her baby girl in the fear of God and lived by example to her daughter. Today she has written a book titled My Fathers smile which narrates her life journey.


 I learn t lessons Kate’s story.
  • ·         Do not sell your soul for money
  • ·         Trust in the lord to lead your steps
  • ·         Dont think you are the worse sinner on earth; he will forgive you at all times. He forgave peter, Saul (Paul), David name them and he still can forgive you
Guys I tell you, I was touched when I listened to Kate this morning and they showed her beautiful daughter playing with her whom she had wanted to abort and I thought within myself (oh my God this precious beautiful lady wouldnt have being in existence if you had not come into the mothers life) she seems so happy. I for instance did not know when I  got up from my bed and was starring at my TV. #stomach pain gone

 I have so many dreams, but when chances come for me to fulfill it, I always drawback to ask God should I go? Maybe I was caught up in Kates story because I was aspiring to become an actress too but then I always tell God, let your will be done in my life or I ask, should I go now or wait?
Hope you guys learnt something from her story, I did. In case your lesson is different from mine feel free to drop by and let’s share your thoughts.


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