Friday, 26 October 2012

Benefit of being a student mentor.

What are the benefits of being a mentor as a student? This is the one question that students throw at me whenever they approach me or come to my office.
As an assistant to the mentorship coordinator, I quite learned the importance of being a mentor and beyond that. More so, I indulge in it whenever I give them responds, I can tell that its  more of a fulfilling profession.
Literally, if such question is thrown to masses am quite sure I will get response that would refer or relate to leadership, which is not wrong but it goes beyond that, when you critically look at it, it will be considered as a personal development. This is where I put the students on the line.
Apparently, being a student mentor is a personal development credit aside the school work as it is a learning process for the both parties, and I mean here mentor and mentee. I said that because throughout my undergraduate degree program I realized that when I teach, it sticks better to my brain aside that when I give an advice, I keep towards the part I choose for the person and not the otherwise. What do I say in essence? as you mentor your mentees , you equally have to do exactly what you ask to do., and that I call living by example to them/Role model to them.
However, you are also sowing into peoples life, the good advice, help and wisdom you imparted on someones life, saved or helped the person which peradventure might get you a reward in the future. How? Probably your mentee might be the one to help you with a multi-million contract, or he holds the pen to your greatness etc
In the course of mentoring others, you can equally discover your talent.  
A lot of thing springs up when we are in relationship with anybody, be it students, supervisors etc but your ability to handle things makes life easier and mentoring someone who is stubborn or repeatedly failing is one challenge to expect. Therefore your emotional maturity will be discovered. I would advice when is low, work on it and when is high thats a plus for you. It will go a long way I your life as your progress in the journey , probably in your job interview, at work, everywhere even at home.
When I continue to type mentoship benefits to a students, you would find out that if you missed that opportunity to be a student mentor, you have missed a great thing.
Want to learn more. Just google benefit of been a student mentor and you will learn more benefits.
I did hope you are inspired to pick the role as a student mentor with all your heart, love and zeal to impart in the life of others and as you are doing so, you are imparting to the society at large.

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