Saturday, 27 October 2012

Preparing for the Week

If you enjoy being successful all the time and love what you do then, you will appreciate this post. I will be giving you delicious and easy ways for preparing for the week without stress follow it and you will be rewarded with a huge week success.
One of the things I do is to make my list. This I do usually before Sunday so that I can have a good weekend, most often I would say I do my list on Friday night, highlight the most important ones that needs to be accomplished in few days, by doing so I am been kept focus on my work. I tell you this. I dont miss my deadlines.

I plan my menu, I love food, and as I plan for work, I equally do so for my food and thats is why I can say for sure I am very productivity because I eat healthy . during the weekends I visit the grocery to pick-up few things that I lack, cook and store in the fridge, that makes me faster because I only need to micro-wave my  food and off I go but then, it depends on the kind of food to make and store, apparently some could be dangerous to health especially when it has over stayed in the fridge or when not properly heat. An advice, watch what you eat outside your house. Such as road-side food, fruits, etc some might not be cooked or washed properly which can easy cause stomach upset or illness.

I keep to my schedule. When I say I will do this, definitely it will be done. I will say my boyfriend helped me in this, whenever am not able to accomplish my task, hell always say baby you are not focused... that bruise my ego, so I try as much as possible not to fix too much on my week days so I may avoid burn-out.

Lastly Sundays night I go to bed early in other to get enough sleep.  Just as my mom will always sing to me...early to bed, early to wake up, makes a person health and WISE. And that is what am in for WISE. On my twitter status I said hard work is not bad, but I prefer SMART work and smart work is what we need to stay on top. Everyone works hard all day but only the smart people create the most outstanding performance.
I do believe this tips I shared with you guys will go a long way to help us in preparing for the week. If there are more to it that I did not mention. Feel free to share as it will help us all to be more productivity daily.

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