Saturday, 6 October 2012

God is a miracle worker

pastor chris
i thank God that we have all completed school in good health and all glory goes to God almighty. i did neglected the small things on campus such as College worship, Prayer fest etc not that i don't attend but i saw it a compulsory stuff on us which i view as improper. but then "foolishness is in the heart of the youth"... i saw it's importance and relevance after school and i say  "thank God for such an opportunity anyway for the little once i did attended had an effect on my life and future"....

During one of our numerous christian program organized by PUC administration, of course i was also absent. In this  fateful event Prayer fest 2011  my classmate and friend Mr Maxwell Frimpong got his healing.

He was the an SRC executive on campus, during our first semester vacation  he was involved in a car accident affect his leg and got him walk with a support for five months...this video portrays the event that i missed and you should also watch too...

Do not neglect the gathering of the brethren

Believe in God and his miracle

God does not look on physical appearance but instead the heart which worships him.

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