Sunday, 7 October 2012

4 UNIPORT Students killed.

Okay my Mentor Aunty Linda Ikeji has been protesting for some days against inhumanity practiced in Nigeria. obviously you all have read, heard and seen the story which has gone viral in the air. i only read from LIB but didn't watch the video.
out of curiosity i decided to look it up and that's it up there.
This is so pathetic and it is not the first time such is happening in Nigeria.

Therefore i officially join the force to say no to injustice and let the culprits be brought to book and punished. how can they take law into their hands, if we all should take law into our hands, then i assure you all that none of us will see the next day.

 should they have stolen anything at all, since they have been caught why not handle them to the police and take it from there....Gosh!! am so so so disapponited at those who partaked in such act. i shouldn't have even watch the video, but if you don't have the nerves please i advise don't watch. cause you might loose your appetite.

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