Saturday, 6 October 2012

see life in another direction
Good day everyone,
Please do not ask me while I’av been absent for the past few weeks or even month. I might as well call myself a bad blogger. But I have so many crises around me which needed my attention and decision making was very difficult for me. ummmmh, but I found my life revolving in another direction of which am thinking is the right thing and the right time to make the right decision or choice if I may put it that way in my life.
However this decision/choice made is to be told someday, but am beginning by re-branding and defining my life.
During my period of silence I did realize that making decision and choices is a tough one, and there is no simple decision or anyhow choice to be made in our life journey except if you do not have a direction and purpose in life.
I have come to realize that life is not just about living, is about making a mark on earth. It is not necessary about making a big picture for people to see and view YES it can be…..but it starts with the little things you do in your life, family, school, business, community, church name them. but the point is, you must do those things which you love doing and put your best in it.
But par-adventure you think along the way that is not working out the way you think…pause, take a few minutes and flashback as in why did you even chose that direction at the first place? if your answers makes sense to you push on and focus on the prize but if it does not. Think of life as a re-boot and start all over again.
….and that is exactly what am doing.
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  1. nice one but you should add more flavor i see you have the talent but you don't polish your write up