Saturday, 6 October 2012


Bangles Pink Speak 

Hello ladies,

The weekend is almost over but still got some hours to spend. We love outings, beach, parties, clubs, friend’s house, weddings, church, strolling name it.
Style is how we want it, make it and it is being you “yourself”. Stylish ladies are very particular with what they wear. Starting from there make over to the shoes. But I found interest in the bangles.

These bangles complement our outfit and then add some flavor, class to it. I do have multi-colored bangles which complement my plain outfit and plain bangle which goes with my multi-patterned dresses.

 In my opinon to bring out beauty choose the colors carefully and avoid tight bangle. always wear lots of them on one hand and wrist watch on the other hand.

My favorite color.

Gold one i so much love

plain colors

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  1. ladies and fashion... get a better stuffs for men too