Thursday, 7 February 2013

This Dog with An" Eerily Human Face"Needs A home

Tonik, the now-famous dog with a face that looks like a human, is up for adoption at a shelter in Indiana after he was rescued from a kill shelter in Kentucky. Gawker was the first to point out the fact that the “eerily humanoid poodle/Shih Tzu mix” had a “human face,” and now the little pup and his face have gone viral. According to the site, the “two-year-old person-faced pup” is vetted, groomed and ready for adoption by a loving family from the Homeward Bound Animal Welfare Group in Mashawaka, Indiana. But if you want to take little Tonik home, you have to physically pick him up at the shelter due to the group’s policy against shipping or transporting their canines. And with the publicity this dog is getting, it shouldn’t too hard for him to find someone to take him in as their own.
If you are interested Click Here to apply for the dog. View more photos after the Cut..

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