Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Bee Dazzler Message to her Readers

A Personal Word to My Readers
231 posts and counting – I think Bee Dazzler Blog is here to stay.  Excitement at how many people are reading on almost every continent captivates me every time I check my Blog Analytics.
This is honestly how I feel. Wow!!! Like how? Why would people in  USA, UK, Ghana, Nigeria, India, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Romania want to read what I write?  
Every day I feel increasing inspiration to write and gist. I love the community that is slowly forming here. Forming around the idea that “we can do so much more with our lives”.
To everyone that reads, to everyone that supports – thank you.
Requesting Your Patience
In another life, I am a graduating student with responsibilities that make maintaining this blog tremendously difficult sometimes.
Over the next weeks and monhs (Monday -Friday) I will be working from morning to night on daily basis except Saturdays and Sunday for the mean time I am in Ghana.
There may be some turbulence on the blog. I ask for your patience in the following areas:
I will encourage my readers to drop their comment and  I will respond as soon as possible, just not instantly and to build a close relationship with them.
2. Posting:
I should have enough content to last me 2 weeks. If I run out, post late, or have to skip a day however, please bear with me.

Please note also:
1. There have been changes to the site:
I have changed the inspirational blog to include gist around the globe. This is to improve the conversation. You may tag your friends on Facebook and Twitter directly. Test it out!
2. I would love to hear from you: 
How may I improve this blog? How may I serve you better? What are the burning issues central to your life that I am not addressing? I would love to hear your feedback – how you have been finding the content, the focus and message of this blog.   E-mail me on this address:
I value each and every one of you and I am working diligently to ensure I improve my content consistently. Thank you.
P.S. Please Pray for me as I pray for my readers too.

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