Saturday, 2 February 2013

Bee Dazzler Advice to US

Just like every normal day, I started the weekend with great strength and ambition. I wrote down all my goals and put down the strategy with which to achieve them. I cleared out all the extra junk in my room and even went as far as doing a mini redecorating effort, all to set the tone for newness of the weeks in February month of love.
I love activity, activity which produces quantifiable results. Too many people are doing too much in the world for me to sit back and not be part of the bigger picture. As I clean my room I was also thinking and jotting down my goals and ambitions in my new diary. I am  possibly the most active people on earth cos I’m always in a hurry to do everything and in the end nothing gets done. All talk and no action, all words and no practice. I only have to look at Twitter  and facebook to see the amount of friends who have made it, thousands of followers they have, the extravagant spending they can make or they made over the weekends.
We cannot really achieve all we dream or talk of if we stay in our comfort zone. Stand up for what you believe in. It’s really sad to see that very few people want to work hard and they believe it’s easy to make money. If you ask the real millionaires/billionaires if they just slept, woke up and found millions/billions in their bank accounts, they’ll definitely tell you some shocking stories about how they hustled. A lot of our parents have shared their success stories with us and we all know it wasn’t easy for them but at the end of the day, they stayed true to what they believed in and they finally made it.
I’m truly inspired by the true hard workers in our society. so lets live our comfort zone and push harder for life.  Stay Inspired this month, this year. 

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