Sunday, 3 February 2013

Bee Dazzler Advice: Challenge, Let's Plan a Great Week for Ourselves'

All of a sudden Monday is here, how was your last week like? Have you ever asked yourself a question like that before? What if you could end the week by saying, wow that was a great week. Why no do it 10,50, 100 times in a year. I bet that would be a good time in a year for you. Below as I outlined is the successful tips that I have followed and ofcourse it changed my life and I want to share.
PAUSE AND REFLECTED: I had to reflect on how my last week went, write down the roles you picked up and separate the successful from the unsuccessful, do the analysis yourself and tell which one marks greater, do you feel contented with your result after the analysis?. Then take a deep breath, let your brain have some oxygen, the point am trying to make here is you connecting to your body and get into your head for a minute. Look at the list again and reflect on what they mean to you  at a deep level. Which one begs for more skills and time? Which one makes you tried? Are you neglecting any of them?
MAKE A PLAN: Get yourself a diary or a sheet of paper. List down the things you want to do (TO-DO-LIST). Plot it like as if you were writing a script, I mean list the important things first, that will move you towards being the best in that role.
DO IT: this week prioritize every day so that you pay attention to those goals
REPEAT: do this ever blessed day.
The treasure you will dig from a finely crafted week’s plan is incredibly valuable and like I said, I believe this is the most important practice for making a life you belive in. of course, the gold comes from making powerful roles, inspiring goals and great plans.
Although to some they might have tried thses out but didn’t work out well for them. I want to encourage us to have to strive for continual improvement (Repeat) that’s the point of this post. I encourage…challenge…even dare you to make an great week for yourself by improving something in your life.
I’ll go first…
Stay inspired

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