Wednesday, 1 February 2012

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Hello everyone,

I have had a stressful week so far and more to come ahead cos as i try as much to work hard to pull of these stress they don’t seem to drop off my shoulder....but why am i here? I am here because i am so excited about these blog, am so excited about you that is reading what am about to say.

I am going to be a nuisance but who cares....i am going to write and even break off the writing rules, am sure no one will care. I have had the toughest and depressing week ever. so many assignments, lectures’ and yet a long easy (project work) and my supervisor had turned me down several time to re-do my work. I still have lots of challenges ahead of me...yeah!!!!  But GUESS!!!  I have GOD. he is amazing, he is on my side. He will never give up on me till i finish this task and move on to the other. Though i see myself in difficulties and he seems so sure he did that cos he wants me to learn and grow stronger for tomorrow. With his hand he wipes my tears when i cry that is because he is in love with me.

I am an aspiring magazine writer, though i have never shown anyone my write up before apart from my secondary school teacher who told me that i am a bad writer. She made me quit writing for so many years till this year. Neither do i have one to coach me in but i know i can do this...cos am doing the rehearsal on this i am also an aspiring company owner  dream to  own a worldwide magazine company in collaboration with fashion and music industry..i don’t even have a degree certificate yet. But will get one by the end of this year.

This is a blog where i get to show my skills, share my thoughts with people who visit this blog. I long to see people read my blog and leave a comment on it. Your comment will inspire me to forge ahead, please point out my mistakes cos i love to learn from them..i couldn’t have ask for a better place to learn than here...I LOVE YOU ALL ***kisses***

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