Wednesday, 15 February 2012

live your life

Don't ever let circumstances, events, or other people tell you that you can't do something. You deserve to experience a life of joy, freedom, and completeness. Just don't give up.  Sometimes life knocks me down but i don’t give up. All i do is to get up dust myself and move forward cos i’av learnt that life is but a race.....if you don’t work, you won’t earn it.

Some people do not understand the concept of just living, rather we live by the concept of others. Most of us example me are bound by someone else's concept of life. Society has made who we are. Even though we don’t believe this but our thoughts, free flow ideals, whatever the category are not really our own. Therefore we are the product of this world or society and that is why we will keep trying to come up with our own concept and live the way we want to leave, never be afraid of failure, there is no harm in trying. What we believe makes life beautiful or meaningful can be seen in this way, making certain achievements, developing a moral character or learning from relationships from family members.
Living our life and trying to become what we want to be and not what others has set for us indicates a positive value of what ones’ life can exhibit. Therefore let us achieve our choice worthy purpose and by so doing it will bring to us a satisfaction that cannot be measured.

And the only influential person that can help us is GOD. I say this because i know that God has a plan for the universe. If we believe and trust in him he will help us realize this plan.
Am telling you my reader that our words, movement, thoughts and the very sentence that we write or create are our inherently norms, rules and our restrictions. We are the architect of our life. Therefore lets LIVE.
i am living my life on this blog.


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