Saturday, 21 January 2012


Hello Everyone,

         It’s a pleasure to write for you to read. I have always thought to share my thoughts on this!!! Thank God it came to pass. #successatlast. My friend thinks that am a great writer but am not. Am starting to learn how to write. One thing i know is that if you have a talent, definitely you can use it but will be better if you learn more on how to use it to achieve greater things oh! Please this is my quote. I am not learning how to write yet, but will learn soon. Am just using what i have right

Today been a new day in our lives we thank the Almighty God for it and that is why we need to live our lives to the fullest, you never can know what next. So every opportunity you have use and make good use of it. Life is too precious to be wasted that’s why am here today to speak for people to hear, lift the down casted and to encourage the discouraged. I know is only one person that can give you strength and insight to understand that life is too precious and that person is JESUS. He is the hope for the hopeless. Accept him, believe in him and you will come alive. Be green. I am green.

I know some will ask ...who is this person?
This is nothing less. Writing is my hobby and i dance to it’s tune. I am a dreamer.

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