Tuesday, 24 January 2012


Time is a man’s enemy..okay at least for me anyway..
and since I USED THE ONLY TIME I had to type
this and my words vanished when I saved my draft
I am now making a quick attempt at re typing.

There has been little time to write, play my with my laptop, go to church
or sleep for that matter. After hoilday though things should
go back to a normal busy.

My Christmas holiday was supposed to be good. Seeing that Christmas magic
on  kids faces was the high light of my day.

Thanks to my angel, Little sister got an up to events.
Yes she had a list of them and she's rather good at it too.
And my boyfriend kept me company all through on phone which made it exciting..lol hamattan was everywhere.
Until I had cough then it had to go.(as if it was meant for me) 
Thank you again my angel and my boyfriend out there, you guys truly made my
Christmas a blast... have a hug, is for you guys.

Later in the day my daddy and mommy came over to enjoy the meal
I made for them and to open gifts. Little angle challenged  daddy
to a game of hide and seek, which daddy won.:) Toward the end of the evening
i had to bring up the issue of my late brother.*sad* i lost him on the 15th of Nov,2011. He was discussed and that brought tears to the eyes of all of us. At this moment our Christmas was a ruin. I didn’t mean to ruin it. I just thought of the last chrismas we spent together, how fun it was, how we played with the food, pastries, watched movies and had the opportunity to visit cousins and loved ones.
My daddy said
May his soul rest in peace. Amen .Hearing that broke my heart as I have only just learned
That i will never see him again until we meet in heaven. He was going to wait for me until i return to school so that he gives me gist of what happened in the house when i was away to school, tell me how he missed me, and i was to give him his Christmas gift too.
I worry about him so much, i knew i shouldn’t worry so much...but i can’t help it..he was my baby brother, best brother ever had, the love of my life. How we have planned for the future. He promise to take good care of his nieces and nephews.
Anyway, I hope you all have had a good Christmas.
May the New Year bring good health to all
And grant us more time...with the ones we love.


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