Sunday, 22 January 2012

I WILL....

I am capable, I am worthwhile, I am beautiful, I am lovable, i shall accept both my strength and my weakness for they are me.

I will never again believe in a lie that if I make a mistake am a mistake. Instead I will use my mistake as a learning tool. From today, I will allow myself to feel capable that i make seek excellent, I will also allow myself to feel sad so that the joyous moment may come, I will allow myself to feel joy, so that i may be revitalized, I shall allow myself to feel afraid so that i may be courageous.

I will allow myself to feel alone so that i may know myself, I will allow myself to feel beautiful that I may be free, i will allow myself to feel worthy that i may know my life purpose.

I take responsibility for creating my life stories through the choice that I make. To blame others is to give away my personal power. Who then will I allow to write my next chapter

Now I will seek courage to believe in God. Who will laugh with me in the sunlight and cry with me in darkness.

I will make a small difference on this planet before I leave.  I WILL LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE, AND LEARN ON THIS JOURNEY.

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