Saturday, 17 March 2012


Hello everyone,

Happy weekend, this is another weekend to relax and spend time with your loved ones. As for me i took my time off to stay indoors, listen to music, eat and watch movie. And a couple of times browse through my handouts in preparation on my interim assessment which  is coming up on Monday. I set myself in the course of this i set myself out to reflect on my live for the past few months of the years to recollect how i have lived my life. I ask myself, who have i hurt unknowly and knowly? Who has hurt me so badly that i seem not to forgive? Do i put smiles on people’s face or do i just make them sad all the time? How many a  times have i said i love to my friends or anyone at all? Do people get inspired at all by what i do? How much have i loved God this year or devoted my life to him?
All this i ask and the answer i get is not encouraging at all. I asked  myself what must i do make up all these lapses?... and this is my answer, i will start from the people around me, because as the adage says” charity begins at home” i need to make people happy from there it spreads to distant places.
Sometime ago, i was having a conversation with my course mate and he said,” i don’t let people upset me” and this is his reason, he doesn’t see the need of him been upset by your action or word and  you will be living happy for him to be sad, therefore he makes everything possible to avoid sadness, though it comes just like that unexpectedly but him has a way of controlling it by taking a deep breath and confronting the issues sometimes though, or avoiding it as possible. So i picked this up TRY NOT TO BE ANGRY, cos when you are, you will lose.
This days what i do is to try as much as possible to make me people no matter how, put a smile on someone’s face and in so doing other people are putting a smile on your face too. Encourage one another, your friends, classmates, and family, give them a smile, hug, and a word of encouragement by so doing you don’t know what have been lifted up from their shoulders.
Sometime ago, in my 3rd year at the university i ran into my lecture whom i was having a chat with and i told him how i was told that am not a good writer and this is what he said to me “you are a good writer, now don’t let anyone tell you that you are not, you are only not a good writer when you tell yourself you are not”, i was inspired by those words. Another occasion my mom told me, oly i know you are a very intelligent girl, that has given me confidence in my academic pursuit and on several occasions has people told me that i am very industrious and this has made me to forge ahead i  whatever i set myself to do .
To see what life has for you and to know how happy you can be in life. Relax and focus on yourself, try make people around you happy and remember to be happy is to love God first. Once you have Christ Jesus every other thing is in excess.
I WILL LIVE FOR CHRIST FROM NOW ONWARDS!!!!!! Is a dedication and i hope you all join me.
To be continued as my day goes by....I LOVE YOU ALL. Stay BLESS

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