Tuesday, 13 March 2012


Hello everyone,
long time no see...is been a while i visited this blog and i miss sharing with your guys my thoughts and events of my life and people around me...so i  believe the weeks has been splendid. Uhmmmmm!!!! Mine feel much better when i  slipped my laptop open and begin typing this, this gives me pleasure as much as having you guys face to face conversing on things, stuffs etc
i had quite number of things that kept me away,  but i missed my readers most in all...i wonder i started this  blog on a good foot and published a quite number of things that got people interested and all of a sudden i disappeared into the thin air * that’s sad*  oh!!! I didn’t mean to....
Apparently, there are a number of things that got me away from this blog which i suggest you leave that to me lolzzz. I did spend a good number of hours in a day, days in a week and weeks in a month, then months in a year, apparently all my life time trying to keep good friends...FRIENDSHIP i must say...sometimes the heat comes but it takes two to work it out in a matured way i must say. But ione remarkable thing is that at the end of the day these friends can bring your laughter and happy memories to pounder....i don’t want to be counted as “many” but these friends are my friend, cos i personally believe that dedicated participation  in anyone’s life is a blessing and if you read my blog you are a blessing to me.
In the light of that i thought to share with you today, hopefully this will save some friendship
Probably what killed the friendship: Silence  (not talking for a long time), Opportunity  (They found other friends ), Distance(they moved away)
What you could have done: Ask “how was your day?” “how is life treating you?” etc. more often invite them to hang out and talk to them every other day at least.
One supposed way to make a good looking stranger into a friend (untested) ask “do you have the time?” let them tell you, or not.. then say, “Oh that’s cool, so you having fun” or “wuts up” if them having boyfriend/girlfriend bothers you try: “so, you must have a boyfriend right?”  If they say “no” Bingo! Well you seem like a cool person, can I get your e-mail please? Establishing contact is important, because you could never see them again. And if you are really the “one” and “meant to be”.... You be there for each other!
Well there may be many types of people reading this. The person with 500 friends, who only 1 or 2 are real friends, the person with 6 good friends, the person whose friends are all online, the person who has no real friends. Just keep in mind that all it takes is 1 person that can change it all! Some people just don’t have it in them to care. For example, you say “how are you to a friend they will say “I’m okay”.  And they won’t even ask about you! Such selfish people! … You need someone who cares, you deserve it.

"Friendship is like money, easier made than kept."
~Samuel Butler

  • Be someone your friends can talk about anything with open talking.(i.e. talk to about personal problems, boyfriend/girlfriend troubles, being mad at people, having trouble in school etc.)
  • Be someone available and willing to hang out with your friends
  • Do not let a time of more than 1 week happen where you don’t talk to your friend. (It may be a weakness of others to be so busy with their lives but forget about their friends. But you should keep the friendships alive or risk being replaced)
So if there is someone you know that you have not given enough care to please do it now and don’t delay cos delay is too dangerous.

"Friendship is only cement that will ever hold the world together."
~Woodrow Wilson

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