Friday, 7 December 2012


This is for the women out there.
…I would rather think I am created for a special purpose than to think I am just made like every other woman. Some people yeah may see you and regard you as many but it is me and you to let them know we are unique, there can’t be me and you should let the world know you don’t have a duplicate. Make a perfection, make a difference, everyone does one thing, same thing but you can turn that same ritual to a whole new thing. Does it sound like a common sense, it is thinking outside the box, I live in the world of imagination and my imagination I turn to reality…like I fondling joke with my friends in college I make things happen. Not a robot, I am my own boss, I command and people just follow. Why should this happen? It just simple, I  am a big deal. I am strong. I am wide and can’t fit into anyone’s shoe. It’s not a mere talk, I can show for it, I got evidence. Men love me for this, but some people who feel inferior would say am arrogant, but the actual fact is I am confident of who I am, wonderfully and fearfully created. I humbly kill people with my connections. My Ego is just too much.
Do not let people to belittle you…..stay inspired.

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