Sunday, 9 December 2012


Politics! Politics! Politics!!… it’s a season of politics in Ghana, and honestly am not a fan of politics but this one got me. I can’t possible believe I can stay glued to T.V and myjoyfm all night in anticipation of the voting updates. This vote is clearly a one between NPP and NDC. Anyways for those who are not in familiar with Ghana. Ghana has over 23 Political parties and only 8 of them were elected as the nations Flag bearers and what I kept thinking of is how I can boldly mention only two parties NPP and NDC.
Actually since Friday, December 7 till date, it has been a race to the Castle between Nana Akuffo Addo of NPP and John Mahama of NDC. Whether the race is going to end in peace or not is a question I ask myself now.
We all had hope before the voting I strongly voted for NPP in spirit as I will be arrested if found smelling the voting centers by Ghana Police force, I anxiously expecting victory as NPP was on a high vote before declining which got me into panic. Not until now I had my hope lost but not fully lost perhaps some miracle will show as the TV Stations has projected JM as the next Ghana President which is to say NDC in power again. I actually don’t like NDC due to some history which whenever recall get me traumatized, nevertheless I love welcoming chances, NPP should be given a chance. That’s my opinion oo for some political analyst will attack me here.
But wait, Nana Akuffor Addo of NPP used four whole years for campaign while John Mahama used only four months, I reserve my comment but will ask only few questions
  • Was Nana a stingy person and JM a strong giver?
  • Is it that one’s strategy surpasses the other?
  • I met Nana running for presidential election last four years, should he continue again in 2016?
  • Or should I think that is personality stuff, then should Nana Akuffo Addo be changed with another from NPP?

For those in political mood, be my guest…as we anxiously at same time patiently wait for the EC (electoral commission) to announce the result.
Feel free to drop your comment.

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